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Do you actually like coffee?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. No

  2. Yes

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  1. Given there are soooooo many coffee nights on at the moment i was just curious how many of you's actully like coffee??
    Personally i can't stand the horrible stuff and usually end up drinking Hot Chocolate or a milkshake instead.

  2. Like it ????
    Is the pope catholic?? :p
  3. i know what you mean.

    i think i probably started drinking it out of necessity (working full time and going to uni at night) but now i actually like it.

    having said that there is coffee and then there is coffee. or rather there are good makers and then there are terrible ones. a bad one can ruin any coffee.
  4. No, not a fan of coffee myself (or tea) but given the number of members still on restricted licences I'm guessing "Beer nights" would be out of the question.
  5. yes I love coffee.

    on a coffee night though, I'm more likely to get a hot chocolate cause a) I find cafe coffee too strong for me and b) i don't usually have hot chocolate, so it's a nice change.
  6. As long as it isn't instant...or from gloria jeans/starbucks/crap barista.
  7. Would never make myself a coffee at home.
    But will always go to a coffee night and drink coffee, or after a nice meal at a restaurant.
  8. Do I like it... that's really three questions:

    Do I like the taste? Done right, yes.
    Do I like the short term effect of caffeine on my body? Yes and No - Gives me a buzz, but often makes me shakey.
    Do I like the long term effect of caffeine on my body? No - Takes me weeks to get off the stuff, withdrawals trigger migraines and it's generally not fun.
  9. Really? It amazes me how some peoples systems are completely different. I have never ever had any withdrawels from stopping smoking or drinking coffee. I guess I was only smoking half a pack of B&H a day and drinking 3-4 coffees.

    Now I only smoke sometimes, once a month or so when drinking but never got headaches and shakes though? I have just started to drink coffee again, now that its getting cooler!
  10. I love my coffee and I have the perfect man who makes me a cuppa and places it on the bedside table every morning before he leaves for work :grin:
  11. I love coffee, but can't drink it after about 5pm (especially ground [real] coffee) or I won't get to sleep until the birds are getting up.

    Caffeine sensitive, um yeah. Red bull is still my drug of choice in times of need though.
  12. A bit like alcohol (well, beer anyway), it's initially not so much the taste as the effect that gets you in. But after a while your body learns to associate the taste with the affect of the caffeine and you can get to enjoy it on taste as well.
    Although coffee is intensely bitter, and I usually tend to sweeten it a little bit (because I can), I now find that I can happily swill the strongest of short blacks without sugar, and still enjoy it. Then you can start to taste the subtle differences between blends, and so on.
    Hate the taste of instant, though. It's made mostly from an entirely ddifferent species of the coffee plant family, and to me it leaves a sour aftertaste.
  13. yep coffee is good
    :LOL: :LOL:
  14. That makes 2 of us ;)
  15. Hate it, its vile and even smells bad. Give me a Jolt over coffee any day!

    Note to self - go back to Queenscliff - the Ice creamery has deluxe icecream and bottles of Jolt... heaven!
  16. I have to agree with you there. Will not drink it after 5 myself, as it does the same thing to me. But I can drink half a dozen before midday easily without any after effect. :roll: My favourite is Gloria Jeans, especially the Very Vanilla Chiller
  17. I love good coffee - rarely will i have an instant coffee (just not worth it)

    I find any franchise sort of coffee outlet especially in shopping centres to be attrocious - prob only 3 or 4 places in Brissy where i'll go specifically for a coffee.

    I wet myself laughing if anyone says they 'love' McCafe coffee - but hey, its a big world....
  18. I started using out of necessity - the pain of working 9 to 6 on a body that's happiest from 12 to 2am.

    But like wine I've come to apreciate it and now drink espresso or macchiato. Try an Illy coffe, they're lovely.
  19. I like Hot Chocolate.
    I like it Strong I Like it Black, I like it Bitter.
    The Best Chocolate I ever had was in Kuzco (Peru) It was so Bitter I had to actually add a touch of Sugar. It was heaven in a cup.
  20. I dont like coffee unless its in choc/coffee cake :grin:
    but Im always up for a hot chocolate!!!