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Do you accidentally recruit?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. I think I do......

    Just today I was getting back into the Moto gear in the change rooms at the Office - ready for my motorcycle therapy on the way home.....

    I work in a large office with > 300 employees so "newbies" are common.

    This bloke looks at my boots and says "You ride a motorbike eh?"

    The resultant conversation went along the lines of:
    • He is looking to get his L's
    • Looking at different types of LAMS bikes and wanted some info
    Before I knew it I had directed him to NR - directed him to the Saturday morning practice sessions etc.

    Then I got thinking - this exact scenario has happened to me before.......the result was the same......accidental NR+Moto "recruitment"

    Hell - more two wheeled enthusiasts is a good thing in my book - I'll continue to encourage anyone to try riding for the right reasons.........

    Just a thought........
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  2. Hell no. I tell everyone I meet to stay well away from this place, it's full of crazy people posting pictures of cats wearing cardigans.
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  3. Uh ohhhhhh.................

    What have I done ::D

    Oooooohhh the humanity!!!!!!!

    Who would've thought doped material would be so combustive?
  4. Can you earn commission for this?
  5. Worlds colliding!!!! Worlds colliding!!!!
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  6. I farking wish.........have you seen the price of Carbon these days?
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  7. 3......2......1.......

    Justus is poised to move this thread - lock it - or ban me...........................

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  8. Argyle and all and all.
  9. Dont be puffing out your chest for encouraging some random idiot to start riding
    We have enough of them dont we.
  10. hey! I'm not random.

  11. Had a few start it up because they saw how much fun I was having lol.
    Looks like the winning friends and influencing people worked tonight eh BitSar? Lol... (Continues below too!)
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  12. At least he is giving you a reason to exist
  13. Is this in the appropriate forum?
  14. screw accidentally... i chase down L platers.
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  15. Gold.....

    trd2000 - coming to a street corner near you.......L platers, be afraid.
  16. Do you ever catch em? :)
  17. been known to happen.... it gets more complicated when they pull into a police station
  18. I do encourage people to come here and have a look. I do warn some that it can be quite beige, and if you want to start an argument simply post up an article by Boris or tell everyone you don't wear ATGATT.

    But I also suggest people go and have a look at 2WF and netrider. If they own a Bandit I suggest they visit Suzuki Bandits Australia or BanditAlley.

    Why restrict yourself to one forum? You get a much broader view of things by 'talking' to different people.
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  19. I agree b12mick - there are many other places to get great info.

    I guess one of the reasons of the OP was I caught myself mentioning NR to a potential rider without consciously knowing about it.......