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Do we play a little "cat and mouse"??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gpxkermit250, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Yes always - Cant help myself!!

  2. No, never - Its just not worth it

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  3. Sometimes, but it depends on the situation

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  4. Almost - Have been tempted, but kept my cool

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  1. ok, so Im a very conservative rider with high fear/awareness of own mortality who mostly enjoys riding around in first or 2nd gear for most of the time with my visor up to hear the sound of my own leaky and clapped out exhaust. Thats about the extent of my bravado.

    So, turning onto the Eastern From Doncaster Road on Sat - I split up to the front as usual and to the left of me was Mr Aussie Blue Collar in his Xr8 ute, Southern Cross Tatoo on his arm, Jet Pilot Sticker on the back window with a Hot Mrs in the Passenger seat. To the right of me was 12 year old looking Gino on P Plates in his BMW 318 with more Gel in his hair than I have oil in my gear box and with a Stereo pumping out enough Treble to blow the windows.

    Lights go green, and I get it to 100 asap - Now im on a 1998 250cc with a bazillion Kms on the clock, so this does take a little while right, but it feels good/safe when you get there ahead of the pack. Im choofing along for about 15 seconds and then out of now where come Mr Xr8 and Mr BMW, both weaving in and out of the traffic to catch me. Gino comes up next to me and slows down to about 90 as I do as well (im on his door) and I drop it down a few gears to get my Revs at 13K right next to him but without speeding up - he looks at me and takes off as Ute Boy comes across behind us both and takes it hard down the left - They both take off and start lane changing and Im keeping it at 100km, thinking I would never see them again and happy that I didnt do anything stupid, but its almost like they wanted me to play ball.

    As it worked out I took a left turn off and they both kept going into the city. It got me thinking that if I wasnt turning off left, what would I have done?

    I have edited this from my original thread, as I dont wont to insight Bravado or story telling that makes people uncomfortable/paranoid. (and it was too bloody long). Its a curious and interesting enough scenario (interaction with Cagers) that we have as riders thats worth exploring and comparing how we react and what we choose to do at the moment. If you think that adding a vote or comment is encouraging poor behaviour or dobbing yourself into the law, this can always just be a 'view only' topic for you.
  2. You do realise that with the huge police blitz currently that this is not the time to play these games?
    and Yes when the circumstances permit I think 99% of us have had a little "play"
    Don't know if I'd be game on a 250 though.
  3. Me either, I had an 02 SS ute and regularly flogged 250s lol
  4. I'm sure many riders take the point of view that pulling away from the traffic takes you as a rider out of harms way, its the cagers in their hotted up cars that get their back up to prove they are faster / better / etc

    I'm sure the OP was looking at the 'game' from the point of view from the driver taking on a 250 and yes i agree sometimes it does feel like a game (from the point of view of a 4 wheel cage taking on a 2 wheel bike... no doubt which is faster at lights and of course a car will catch a bike if they want to speed).

    Its peoples perceptions of riders i guess

  5. I have to agree with Eve here.
    I think that getting away from the traffic faster does help get me out of harms way. Esp in regards to the people that think oh sh!t i was meant to be in that lane *Swuuuurve*

    Taking off fast shouldn't be an issue and the getting to the speed limit. The issue as Eve stated is that the cages get all butthurt and want to prove the have bigger stones by speeding past you.
  6. Nothing wrong with having a bit of a play now and again...just as long as you don't prolong the event and be weaving in and out of traffic further down the road etc....and of course - pick your time and place...

    Dispatch with them quickly, and then call it quits. :wink: (even if they don't realize it)

  7. +1 - teach em and then just get on with it.. after upgrading i have to admit i tend to attract more people trying it on.. meh.. just cruize at an acceleration they cant get to..
  8. Then prepare for the inevitable "Hero Pass"... favoured by knuckle dragging Commodore owning bogans who just have to show those bikies who's boss :roll:
  9. I'm appalled at all this irrisponsibility!

    I would never enact, let alone encourage such outrageous behaviour like pulling off at the lights quicker than the rest of the traffic!


    Hmph! :soapbox:

  10. but yes. then you get to filter past them and not even acknowledge that they exist and happily go on your way.. :p
  11. Nope. I don't particularly believe getting ahead of the pack buys any safety - I'd rather pull back and let them get ahead of me.... I guess I'm applying to the road situation the basic lesson I've learned while working in disability field: keep the retards where you can see them!

    I get my joys in different ways though.... There is one particular road I travel quite often, straight but very potholed. Everyone who turns into it (at the lights) wants to go really fast - I don't, because I don't particularly enjoy my body organs smashing into each other. So I often just pull over and let the cars behind me race ahead. I watch them bounce off into the distance, then proceed at my own pace.... and smoothly overtake them again at the end of the street where they inevitably come to halt at the next light, while I get there just in time for it to turn green. Suckers!
  13. LOL try that on an R1 :p

    I've had a guy in a Porche try to "drag" me on to a freeway..... no chance.

    Though one thing I will NEVER do is speed in a school zone.

    Besides being a 40km/h zone and 60 will give you a huge fine a points, I always think, what if I had kids at this school and someone sped through?? but always get people doing down Punt road every day that speed through at 60 or above while I'm at 40, then next set of lights I just cruise past them and hope to be in front of them to "keep them" at 40 through the next school zone ;)

    but the looks when you pass them through the traffic when they can't move it priceless ;)
  14. +1.. while school zones are a pain that didnt exist prior to soccer mums they are a strict 40 for many reasons..
  15. good to see you dont even take your own advice :roll:

    i dont mind a sprint from the lights, but i keep it under the speed limit. waste of points otherwise. lol at hero passes, every time :LOL:

    regarding the OP's situation, i would avoid 'weaving' through traffic at speeds, as such. not the safest of things to do. actually alot of things i've done on the bike, when i really stop and think about it, i realise how stupid and risky it was. i've toned down my riding alot.
  16. LOL, yeah that didn't come out quite right, did it? Obviously *sometimes* I do get ahead of other vehicles - otherwise I'd never get past my own driveway in Sydney traffic. What I was getting at is that when I see drivers carrying on in silly unpredictable and dangerous way, rather than acting even more silly and dangerously to get away from them I'd rather pull back and let them get away from me instead.
  17. I always think I'd rather if someone went faster than the absurd 40km/hr while paying attention than plod along at the speed limit while completely oblivious to everything around them because their entire attention is focused on their speedo...
  18. I do enjoy having a little fun every now and then with the odd cager. But as someone has already said over the next month is probably the worst time of year to be playing silly buggers.
  19. true, but at 40km/h someone can step out and back pretty quick than someone bearing down on them at 60+

    Though in saying that PEDESTRIANS ARE STUPID!!!!!!!!! they really should take some responsibility when they step out of the house to go anywhere.

    had someone walk in front of my car when I was turning a corner on the weekend... steped right in front of me and didn't even look, I beep to let them know I was there and they swore at me for scaring the shit out of them... go figure
  20. So do I.................in my rearview mirrors!