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Do we know anyone who'd do THIS???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    I'll give you a clue...."Some say...." :LOL:

  2. Chicken strips are pretty wide as well,
  3. Actually, there aren't any, as you can see from this photo taken a couple of hours earlier... sorry.

  4. Hmmm, looks remarkably like a honda 600 rear tyre. Perhaps of a naked sports/tourer make...painted blue. Looks like it's been attached to a bike that has ridden right up to my doorstep. But nah, got nothing ;)
  5. Got a laugh out of you, Any way, Hahahahaha
  6. definitely a honda 600 rear, i can deduce it being blue too from my psychic powers, my spirit guide keeps telling me , a bug? a bug? a flying insect? hmmn not a bumblebee, i am feeling close but so far :LOL:
  7. Talk about coming home slow,
  8. Perplexing, because, as you can see from the shot taken a couple of hours before, the tyre looks fine. The stippling effect in the middle is from the gravel the bike had just ridden over, so....
  9. That massive factory mudguard looks familiar, somehow... I'm with Joel, though, no idea who it belongs to. :LOL:
  10. Mmm, I know. I'm going to attack that poxy mudguard with a hacksaw one day when he's not watching...that is assuming that I can find out who he is....:)
  11. FARK!! That black thing is the mudguard. IT'S MASSIVE!!

    I thought Hor.... had parked in up against a wall.:rofl:

    Get the to a dremel ASAP. And the Oxley sounds like a good way to scrub in a tire.
  12. Er, not only him. Me, too. That's exactly what my rear looks like at the moment.

    Not riding it of course. Diablos, it seems, look perfectly OK until you're 100k from home and then disintegrate in a matter of metres, leaving you to limp quietly home.

    Might experiment with something else this time. What's good on a big motard?
  13. I checked my tyres before I left home, yep, there's enough left for this run, Buy a new set when I get home, got to Bairnesdale, Front tyre was totally shagged, bought a new one at Bairnesdale,
    Back tyre, same thing, good for the run. buy new one when I get home. 300 klms, totally shagged,
    From looking good to nothing or on the canvas, happens in about 200 klms, They finish themselves off rather dramatically and very quickly, If your going on a decent run, get your tyres replaced before hand, otherwise it is a very slow ride home.