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Do we ever have enough when it comes to our passion..?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blue14, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. In another reply i made i sort of just realised how much i have when it comes to my riding passion. Apart from the first bike being my 250 which is now at a new home, i have the 12 and my GPX. Then the gear i have purchased has forced me to put a wardrobe in the garage. In there i have 3 helmets, 6 jackets, 4 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of boots and 4 pairs of pants. Then the wife has her helmet, gloves, boots, 2 jackets and 2 pairs of pants. Do you actually realise how much you have until someone brings it up? Now i have only been riding for 2 years, so is this the normal excitement thing for a new rider, or do we never have enough..

  2. Haha, I was just reading your post in the summer clothing thread and my eyes grew wider with every bit of equipment listed :)
    At least with that wardrobe, you'll never be caught with your pants down, so to speak!
  3. No i wont get caught with my pants down :grin:
  4. :shock: that much gear in two years!! You're going to need Geoff's shed within 5 years just to accommodate your gear :LOL:
  5. Geez thanks Paul.. Dont tell the Mrs ok.. :LOL:
  6. You can NEVER have too much gear, but you have to have decent hiding spots from the spouse though :LOL:
  7. Ditto :grin:
  8. Wearing nice gear is all part of the fun! enjoy!
  9. lol, i havent been back on a road bike 12 months yet and have bought apart from my bike.
    Dragin jeans
    Draggin cargos
    2 helmets
    2 spare visors (both for the same helmet WTF?)
    4 pairs of gloves
    JR Winter pants
    JR winter jacket
    Summer mesh 3 piece jacket
    Ventura rack
    2 ventura bags
    MP3 player
    heavy duty bike cable lock

    and probably some other crap, i mean Necessary items as well.

    and thats on top 15 years of acumulated off road riding gear.
  10. Well, for me, it was either engine reconstruction or gear...

    Once the engine is back together... I'm back in the market for more gear.

    also, the answer is no, I doubt I'll ever get enough of this :D
  11. This is true, only so long as your desire to wear the right combination for your ride doesn't make you late for your date with the black top.

    I wish I had that much in my wardrobe, i'm still trying to save up for my second helmet that I really want, oh well. :)
  12. Most motorcyclists I know tend to accumulate extra bike related gear and/or bikes as time goes on :)

    I must admit that's a fair bit of riding kit for a couple of years though :LOL:
  13. heh, i got like a retired gear section in my shed.
    after 14 years of on and off road riding you go through a bit.
  14. Okay, the spouse has:

    Jacket x 1 - Leather
    Gloves x 1 - Summer (for all year round :roll: )
    Helmet x 1

    Accumulated over 20 years.

    I have:

    Jackets x 3- Leather, Dririder and textile (another leather on it's way
    from the US)
    Gloves x 2 - Winter and summer
    Pants x 2 - Draggins and leather
    Helmets x 3- Okay, I only wear one at a time but share the other
    two with my kids, alright :)

    (Accumulated over 10 years)
  15. What I don't have (YET) is a 2nd Leather Jacket - which I happened to see @ BikeMart last night & even more unfortuantely also happened to try on :roll: just can't seem to resist something made of leather ......... :grin:
  16. Nope, you can never have enough stuff.

    After only being back on the bike for 6mths I have bought-
    2 x bikes Hyosung 250 (now sold) & GSXR
    AS leathers
    gloves x 2
    back protector
    spare visor

    But.........I am now looking for-
    Off road bike
    off road gear
    new road helmet
    1pce leathers
    luggage bag
    track bike (and that opens up a whole new shopping list)

    And.......................a new job to pay for it all :oops:
  17. haven't doubled up on anything yet but a leather/summer jacket is on the cards due to the effectiveness of my textil;e jacket...... it's darn hot in that thing..... even with the liner out!!
  18. iv only had my gear for around a month (textile jacket, getting pants this week) and already looking at leathers(for safety of course...)
  19. i have 1 textile jacket, my helmet and a good pair of gloves. all be it, im new to riding, but i havent gotten pants, boots etc, yet.
  20. 1 x AGV road lid [2 x visors (1 x clear, 1 x tinted)]
    1 x KBC dirt lid [1 x goggles (Scott)]
    3 x leather jacket (1 x Dianese, 1 x Mars, 1 x Black Rose)
    3 x leather pants (1 x Dianese, 1 x Mars, 1 x "Flipper's" :p )
    1 x textile jacket (Alpinestars)
    1 x textile pants (Motoline)
    1 x road boots (Alpinestars)
    1 x dirt boots (Fox)
    1 x road back protector (Dianese)
    1 x dirt body armour (Dianese)
    2 x road gloves (cheap!)
    1 x dirt gloves (Fox)

    :shock: :?