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Do we deserve an apology?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Went for a ride out towards wisemans than dinner than ride home M4 than Parramatta Rd. I'm riding along in the left lane (of 3 lanes) and just ahead of me is a light blue Nissan Pulsar with P plates on it and full of guys. So I'm hanging back incase they do something stupid, and then sure enough they pull left right in front of me. (they indicate as they move!)

    So I brake and flash my lights at them and hope that this is enough for them calm down and realise they messed up, but as soon as I flash they fly off well over the speed limit cutting in and out of cars so I gather driver must be embarrased.

    So I continue to coast along and end up behind them at the next set of lights. Thinking maybe they're sheepish? No way! They're hanging out the windows singing, dancing, yelling to other cars, bouncing their car around with music cranking.

    This made me even angrier as I thought "I wonder if they realise they almost ran me off the road!"

    So they take off and they're moving andswerving in and out of their lane, driver has both hands in the air clapping in time with the music, and it's then I decide to do the silly thing and follow them when they accelerate hard off from the lights. Then next lights go red with them in the middle and empty lanes either side. So I make the decision to confront them. 4 VS 1 is not good odds but I rely on my scary gloves, helmet, bike and demeanour to see me through.

    So I pull up to the left of them because I think it's safer to confront the driver accross the other side of th car then on the right. I look into the car. I don't say a word for a few seconds - just look. The windows are down and I yell in to the driver "Do you realise you almost ran me off the road back there?"

    He says "WHAT!!?" and turns the stereo down.

    "I said do you realise you almost ran me off the road back there?"

    He just looks at me with his mouth open. Then the guy in the back seat leans forward, so I point a kevlar re-inforced glove with big plastic knuckles at him and sits the f*ck back down quick smart and closes his gob before even starting to try and say something.

    The driver still has his jaw hanging around his balls when I say "Look you can dance, party, do what you want, but I don't want to go home dead. Understand?"

    The mute driver just nods at me, then the lights go green and I take off. Last I see of them is sitting with all the other traffic in my mirrors doing the speed limit.

    But you know what? Not good enough. If someone almost runs us of the road don't we deserve acknowlegement? And apology that they almost killed us? A "really sorry buddy" or some recognition?
  2. Mate I feel for you, but I think the fact that you had the testicular fortitude to confront them and get them settle down was a pretty damn good outcome! Normally we hear tales on here of people either confronting and getting told to f**k off or not confronting at all and complaining about the crap drivers out there or (not too often) things getting physical with boots in the door or mirrors coming off.

    Good on you :cool:
  3. Great story, I enjoyed that! I think I need to grow some balls like you! :oops: I'm too scared to do anything like that.
  4. Yes but usually car drivers have no understanding of how precarious a motorcyclist's safety is and they have no idea that they have done something dangerous. Our dilemma remains the same.
    However, if you made some slight impact on the driver of that car that he could have killed you, that's better than nothing.
  5. Do we deserve an apology? Yes, of course!! Will we get one? In most cases NO...

    But you dealt some swift justice, and maybe, just maybe, that car driver will be more aware of motorcyclists from now on.

    The average car driver normally isn't that aware of bikes unless they know someone who has a bike, or they've had a near miss.

    Education is needed to help this problem we all face - but a boot to a door is a great reminder for the cager!!
  6. Bugger it mate, your spidey sense saved you as well it should. Done, done and onto the next one. No point in getting pissy about it.
  7. +1 what Loz said.

    I think the fact that they stuck to the speed limit shows that they've learnt something at least.

    An apology is not going to mean anything if they're not sincere and I think if you forced one out of them they would prolly get their back up and not learnt anything. We are after all, a naturally proud species.

    But, yes it's not good enough, but in this case, it'll have to do. :(
  8. its always a gamble to approach a vehicle, particularly 4 v 1.
    that, itself, can send you home dead ;)
    but, kudos for standing up for yourself, not many do....

  9. +1 what joel said. What u have said to them was enought to scare them into driving within the speed limit & not like the idiots they were 5/10 minutes b4.
  10. Bloody P platers! Grrr. Good on you for setting them straight though. Maybe they will pull their heads in... for about a week at most.

    I dunno, maybe its just me, but when i got my P's all i was concerned about was becomming a good driver. I'm sure there are P platers like this now... But whenever i hear a burnout... A car revving its tits off, or music pumping enough so im almost deaf through my helmet... You can rest assured it has a P plate on the back.
  11. Mate, this sort of thing happens to me all the time :evil: I commute every day, parramatta to the city. Everyday i have clowns pulling shit like that. You tend to get very good at sensing danger and preparing for it, so it doesnt really bother me too much anymore. Normally i just sit on the horn and when they actually look to see what all that noise is, i point to my eyes, saying, use your fu@#in eyes. They normally get the picture.
  12. I wish I had spidey sense.
  13. oh yeah i like your style!

    We need more like you out there.
  14. Mate good on you for giving them some but i dont get why you pulled up to the passanger side window when its the driver you need to be chatting with. To me that seems soft, also relying on gloves and a helmet isnt what i would be wanting, if your not confident getting in a blue with how every many people are in the car then dont bother cause it will end it shit sooner rather than later

    See above, yelling at some from the other side of the car isnt tuff, especialy when there still wearing all there gear. Now if he had of dismounted, rip his lid of and walked up to the window and told the pencil dick to get out of his car to have a chat and left with the deisred outcome (either through words or spilling blood) he would THEN be tuff :roll:

    I still applaude your effort to get tosser's to pull there head in on the road but trying to act tuff while doing aint cool unless your REALLY willing to go through with the implied threat :wink:
  15. Haha nice work. Good on you for having the courage to approach them, although i can imagine that this sort of thing happens regularly (the bad driving i mean). I see it all the time when i'm driving my cage around.
  16. only thing he deserved - cap in the ass.
  17. I'm under the assumption that you are just trying to troll here, but regardless, you've missed the point. :roll: It's not about being 'tuff' as you put it. It's not about how big your dick is and whether you can go back to your mates in the pub and tell them you took on 4 x guys, it's about standing up for himself and educating a twat of a road user because he was nearly killed. Yeah, you need to be prepared to take on 4 x guys if you confront them as he did IF you feel the situation has become out of control and IF you can't get out of there, but also taking the advantage by pulling up to the passenger door and also wearing protective gear is SMART.

    The first thing you are taught is any martial art is to get the fcuk out of there if you can. Physical engagement is the last resort. I suppose if someone cuts you off, you don't berrate them, you just get out of your car and drag them into the street and kick the snot out of them?!? Real mature. But I spent some time down in Tassie and your attitude doesn't surprise me really...

    Grow up pal! :jerk:
  18. It could have gone the other way too,

    could you imagine the headlines?

    P-plater plows motorcyclist down after confrontation at lights.

    You can never assume the other bloke's head is screwed on correctly.

    call me a softy if you want, I got people at home I'd rather return to.
  19. I would'nt be waiting for an apology.
    Fair enough...have your say, and if someone does apologize that's a good thing...if they sit there with a dumb look on their face, and drive more sedately from then on, as these guys did, then be thaankful that you made your point, for the next rider they encounter. (well done) :grin:

    But most of the time, it's better to just steer clear and avoid the confrontation just in case you come across the wrong types who will take it to the next level, because they can't stand to be challenged, by a lone rider.

  20. Excuse me, go choke on a dick mate :roll:

    You little tossers on here that feel the need to go and talk up your latest soft cock move is quite gay. I was mearly stating an opinion and saying what he did was good to some extent (ie educating the fcuk stick) where i draw the line is when he needs all his gear and to be on the opposite side of the car for "safety" . If your not man/woman/brave enough to go confront him/her face to face why bother? He didnt nearly get killed, he just got the usual treatment a rider does daily! i dont post here every second day having a cry and wanting to suck on your titt right just cause someone cut me off/merged into me/flipped me off?

    The other bit that i found funny is how he implied he was going to smack the backseat passanger out (when he had done nothing wrong)! If some randon dick smoker did that to me they would be coping a hiding as i dont appreciate idol threats when i personally havent done anything wrong:roll:
    Also for your information i hardly ever tell off another driver on the road i just get past and get on with it, the only time i have pull someone out of there car is when they were acting like a little tossers like yourself ;)

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