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Do Vicroads have any powers, really?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bogus69, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. A couple of times now, I've caught myself thinking I had better behave because of a Vicroads "patrol" car in the vicinity.

    Does anyone know if they actually have any powers to stop and issue a ticket. If so, what types of offences? Surely it would just be things like registration compliance if anything at all?

    If they can't stop you, why the flashing lights and fast looking cars?

  2. quoteon/"If they can't stop you, why the flashing lights and fast looking cars?"/quoteofff

    They can pull trucks over and book them.

    I had one try and pull me over on the 600 a few years ago, went past it at over 200k's between kilmore and heathcote at around 1 in the morning. needless to say I didn't stop or wait for him and I dont believe he even bothered chasing me
  3. I passed one the other day doing a fair clip over the limit (for a 250 :wink: ), and he didn't do anything.

    It's not solid evidence, I know, but it's another vote for the "Don't think so" bandwagon.
  4. Back in the old days, my dad used to get chased by them regularly. He was a shopkeeper, and would load his station wagon to the roof with goods for the shop and drive home (countryVictoria).
    The (then) RTA boys were red hot on this, resulting in many a high speed chase down dirt back roads (yeehaa!) as they tried to book him for overloading.
    They never actually got him, but he reckoned that even if they did, they couldn't have got him for speeding, only overloading. He said that they could easily have gotten his rego, but without proof of his load, they had no power to do anything.
    I think they are there mainly to deal with truck regulations more than traffic infringements.
    (But I have never actually checked.)
  5. This is how it was in NSW:

    Certain bodies have different powers under different acts.

    The police have powers over more than most (obviously)

    Many departments have powers they do not even realise they have. (e.g. apparently national parks can arrest you for certain things).

    The problem (good thing perhaps) is the police are the only ones that really have a system in place to enforce those powers.

    The exception to this is the RTA. They have the ability to enforce the Motor Traffic act (which no longer exists, hence the "was"). Whilst they have no way of arresting you they can issue Traffic infringement notices.

    But the reality is they generally don't give a rat's and are generally content to just hassle trucks.
  6. As far as I know they can't book you for anything but they can take down your details and pass them onto the cops who can. Used to work with a few former roadworkers and they would regularly take down the details of anyone speeding dangerously through the 40kph zone and pass them onto the Police. Quite a few motorists lost their licences as a result (80~100kph in a 40 zone's not good).
  7. Hate to say this but something in the back of my mind is telling me they can as they have the same powers as Police in enforcing the Traffic Act or whatever it's called this week (Revenue Raising Act perhaps).

    I was driving up the Hume through Craigieburn earlier this year and a truck zoomed past doing well over 100 in the 80 roadworks zone and a newish Commodore which was behind me popped out and chased him, turned out to be a covert VicRoads car.

    Had the CB on in the car and I heard the truckie say "keep your pants on, there's nowhere to pull over safely. I'll stop at the parking bay past the Shell servo".

    I do love the pretty Magenta lights they have though :roll:
  8. Bogus, what vicinity is this exactly? It can't be far from me, I'm thinking...