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Do unto others - my arse

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. A lesson learned...

    I needed a new camera, my phone camera is less than the digital equivalent of a box brownie and my old camera had bitten the dust again... The fix of giving it a good hard whack on the table proved to be temporary.

    I did a bit of online research, and came up with a shortlist of two or three point and shoot compacts that were all much of a muchness. (And bloody hell, they've moved on since I last looked! 20 megapixels is the norm now!) A look at a few online sellers, and I got me some ballpark prices.

    Then I looked on Ebay... Found one of the models of interest for sale - "box opened, but unused", Best offer. So I put in an offer that I thought was a bit on the cheap side, but bugger me, it was accepted the next day (and the ad still had a couple of days to run). I thought the poor sap was probably struggling to pay a bill or something.

    Now when I sell something on ebay, I always ask for the buyer not to use paypal, it takes forever to get paid and they take a commission. Well here's were the 'do unto others - my arse' bit comes in.

    I offered to pay by direct bank transfer. My email crossed with the sellers asking me to pay by direct transfer. Which I did. Next day I got an email stating the camera was on it's merry way. Great, I'll be able take a few piccies from my rides again...

    A week goes by, I'm starting to worry... I had bought a flash card after I paid for the camera, It had already arrived from Hong Kong. I send an email to the seller asking for any details of the parcel tracking no, when and where it was posted from... No answer. Fark... I've been gypped.

    Contact the bank, ask them to try and get the transaction reversed (snowflake's chance in hell). Get an email a week later "the parcel has been returned, bad address", I reply along the lines of "bullshit - give me my money back". Ebay's customer help has been about as useful as a hat full of arseholes. Every now an again I have a butcher's at the sellers feedback, there are now three of us there who have left negative feedback for the same reason.

    There's still items there for sale, I've reported them all the Ebay as fraudulent, but it remains to be seen if anything happens... I feel like putting _huge_ bids on all of them, and not paying, of course.

    So lesson learned. If you are buying anything off ebay ALWAYS use paypal. At least I would have got my money back.
  2. Yep! As a buyer it costs you nothing to use Feepal, why wouldn't you...
    When I sell I add a handling charge equivalent to the Feepal charge and offer an equivalent discount for payment by means other than Feepal.
    Given most of the items I sell are priced in the multiple thousands, the bs fees on top of the Feebay flat 9.9% or in my case $250 per sale are lunacy.

    I remember crying at the cost of traditional classified ads....
  3. jazzfanjazzfan, you had good intentions but you shoulda known better. Unfortunately in this day and age of greed and smug self righteousness good intentions mean didley squat.
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  4. And even with three negative feedbacks :
    - bought and paid , wouldnt return any email.DO NOT buy from this ripoff merchant
    - Not sent item after a week and no replies to any messages. Scammer!!
    - Item never received, doesn't answer emails or phone. I have been gypped
    Follow-up by <me> (06-Mar-15 23:31):
    • A liar and a thief - ********DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SELLER********

    I noticed someone's placed a bid for one of this seller's items only yesterday...

    FMD, at least when I bid, there was 8 positively glowing feedbacks and zero negative.