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Do u nod?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dupster, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. or do you nod back? :p

  2. Neither, I run across the intersection, high five the rider then run back to my bike to make it home in time for another repeat of a nodding/squidding/glove thread.
  3. If I am stopping at the lights, I will put my left foot down then nod, If I am just getting on the bike, I will nod, then put my left glove on first.
  4. I nod
    then i get p!ssy when they dont nod back :oops:
  5. Oh, the humanity
  6. i nod and then get sh!tty that no one nods back cos i'm on a harley.

    (nearly fell off the bike when a cyclist nodded at me a few weeks ago)
  7. yeah i dont nod at harley riders either.
    its against the code..
    :cool: :p
  8. I tend to nod all the time but there are circumstances when I don't..eg. we have a house on Phillip Island and many times I've gone to the GP just for the Friday and Saturday and retuned home on Sunday morning to watch it on the tele..if I nodded at every bike going the other way my head would fall off.
  9. Mount one of those little bobble-head toys on the handlebars and let it do the work for you. :)
  10. its sorude when you dont get it back
    i nod all the time
  11. I nod all the time, to everyone, but if you're passing a large convoy of bikes, you can just hold your left arm up & forward like this:

  12. I got my first nodback today... from a chickadee who was nice enough to move over to let me filter next to her...

    So if one of you here moved over to let a red GPX250 filter past the bus this morning at the big intersection of sydney road and burnt bridge creek deviation you popped my nod cherry :p
  13. Nod in return......got pissed off with people not returning it! Ocassionally give a wave adn if the other rider looks hot i follow! :p
  14. :shock: Noway!

    There is a Red GPX parked at my work!!!

    I went down to the canteen and for the first time ever i see this bike. I couldn't believe my eyes! It'd be funny if it was yours :LOL:
  15. not me. I park on Kent St in the city.
  16. I usually nod. Expect to scooters.
  17. ZOMG!!!

    Kent street! :shock:
  18. i nod at anything.. must say that if i see a group of midlife crisis striple / 1098 / buell jobs i have given up as there is usually no hope of return. didnt get much on the 250 but now i have em nodding all over the shop
  19. Ya I barely got the nod or the nod back on my 250, as soon as I upgraded it changed that same day to getting a lot more. Heading down the national park I dont nod much cause there is way too many bikes, but I will return it if someone comin the other way gives me one.
  20. Funniest / coolest example was a day back in Jan, Cindy and I took Brodie (our Grandson), to the Melb Museum & Aquarium. I was wearing my draggins that day.
    Anyway, we were at a pedestrian crossing ( with lights ) awaiting the little green man. Lights go red to the traffic, a bike pulls up. We get 1/3 across when I look over to check out the bike ( Ninja 6 ), he then NODS at me :LOL:
    Of course I nodded back. :p