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Do tyres lose their traction as they age?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ashes, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Had a real good ride on Sunday, heaps of K's around Kinglake and Yea. Great roads, very tight in spots.

    Was riding OK but the front just didn't seem 100% planted. The rear seemed OK.

    I've still got the Macadams from new on the bike, 17000ks on the front and rear. Recon they have about a million K's left in them with the rear only very slightly squared.

    These tyres are about 2yo now, would the front possibly be losing traction due to their age or is it just a product of pushing a bit harder and finding the limits of the Macadams and suspension?
  2. rubber does go hard after a while, and doesn't hold heat as well. Tread wear isn't always the best indication of tire life- throw on a new set of hoops and you'll notice the difference big time.
  3. I assume with age things deteriorate...including tyres.

    At the same time it may well be a tyre pressure issue? so your tyres are fine but just need to be setup correctly.
  4. tyres harden with age, weather and heat. after 2 years, you'd probably notice them getting a little harder even if they were indoors the whole time and not being used. but 2 years of use, in the sun, getting hot and then cold.... they'll definately harden a little for sure.

    doubt you'd notice it all of a sudden tho, it'd probably be a very gradual thing :? and 17,000 :?: fark me, thats a ridiculous amount of kays for a sports tyre :shock: go buy a set of stickies, it'll be a new bike!!
  5. I've changed tyres in the past because they got so hard I couldn't wear them out.

    17000k's on one tyre! I'd say they were too hard to start with. Invest some money and change them.

    When I finally changed my dodgy front I was so glad. The difference was amazing. que Alex Loyd
  6. Tyres do go 'off', Macadam's aren't the best of tyres either for full-on sport riding either, sounds like it may be a combination of a few things.... tyres getting old, uneven tread wear, (which is normal) and the rider pushing a little harder. :)
  7. It wouldnt hurt to check tire pressure aswell... Im sure you have... but tire pressure makes a big difference to the way a tire feels... but yes... I have heard many stories of tires going "off" after a few years...
  8. Agree with the others Brian . Ditch the tyres and get a new set . After 17000 kays if they haven't worn alot then they definitly have gotton harder.
  9. I know MY grip has definitely deteriorated with age :LOL:
  10. I've never had one
  11. I bet your unease on the front was as you tipped into the corner it felt as if it was loose. run the flat of your hand along the tire and feel the feathering of the tread blocks/ribs it will not be smooth and circular.

    Its the smearing and wear that occurs when you hit the brakes and the tyre deforms to broaden the contact patch and the tread blocks/ribs bite.

    Fit a new set of matched tires and all will be fine.
  12. I am fitting some nice new Diablos in a couple of weeks. Sounds like it is pretty unanimous that tyres can turn to crap long before they lose their tread. I suspect with these I could get another 10000k out of them before the tread dissapeared. I may need to give them a ceremonial smoking before changing them!!
  13. This news calls for a six minute burnout! :D

    Out the front of western suburbs coffee one night would be great Ashes.
  14. Given the durability of these tyres they are more likely to rip up the road surface than deposit any rubber!
  15. Your fork oil should also be replaced regularly; ProMecha reckon every 15-20k k
  16. That was a little out of left field. I'll be getting the front suspension checked out in a couple of weeks as I recon it could be better. A very popular mod with the VTR's is a change in fork oil, springs and valves.
  17. Yep; I've heard the front is on the harsh side.

    You could also drop the yokes down about 5mm on the forks to improve turn in.
  18. could be, especially if they sit around a lot in hot conditions.

    tyres technology seems to get better pretty quickly, so you'll probably be a whole lot happier with new ones anyway
  19. Well get a grip then!
  20. The rubber compound will definately go off or deteriorate with age. Car tyres will do the same thing. Always keep your tyre pressures spot on.