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Do thieves carry Allen keys?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by David@DHill, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. I'm a tradie, and keep my most-used tools in my tankbag, which I carry with me onto job sites. But some tools are heavy/cumbersome and life would be easier if I could leave them with the bike, in a relatively secure way, so I'm not having to lug them around everywhere.

    So today I took delivery of a lockable top-box. I really hate the look of them, they make even beautiful bikes seriously ugly, but convenience won the day.

    BUT ... the bolts that hold on the mounting plate can be accessed from the underside, and they have Allen-key heads. So I'm wondering ... do thieves carry Allen keys?
  2. Where do you park your bike and I'll let you know?

    Seriously though thieves carry everything they need to ruin another person's life. Not everyone will carry allan keys but some will. If your that worried about it and your going to be leaving the top box on, then drill the hole out a little bit so no one can use an allen key.
  3. I would guess you would be at risk from other Tradies. :) Those of the thieving kind anyway. Can you replace the bolts with Tamper proofs
  4. Is it a bolt with a nut? If it's like mine the bolt can be spun but without taking off the top box you can't undo them as the bolt will just keep spinning without turning the nut.

    And I've had a set of allen keys stollen from a bicycle so there is one theif out there with a set.
  5. What sort of top box? If it is made of plastic, then it is really irrelevant. Any self respecting thief will just destroy it to get at what is inside.
  6. I would suggest professional thieves would, but the opportunistic thief probably not.

    As a locksmith said to me many years ago "Locks only keep honest and lazy people out".