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Do they really believe this will work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, May 17, 2010.

  1. QUIRKY punk rock and hip-hop ring tones will warn drivers not to answer their mobile phones while behind the wheel as part of a new road-safety campaign targeting driver distractions.

    The gimmick ring tones will be launched today as statistics reveal that poor concentration accounts for almost a third of all road crash deaths and serious injuries in WA - with mobile phones considered the single biggest distraction.

    Road Safety Minister Rob Johnson said the $900,000 safety initiative, funded by the Road Trauma Trust Fund, urged drivers to download the ring tones with lyrics "Don't pick me up if you're driving" and "Distracted drivers are dangerous" to discourage answering calls mid-journey.

    more here...

    What a total waste of money - only those people who wouldn't answer the phone in the first place are going to bother uploading these as ring-tones.

    Do these people really believe that the average mobile-phone using bogan is
    a)going to load the ring tone in the first place and
    b) change their habits because of it.
  2. They spent $900,000 on that?


    See, if they'd consulted me, I would have offered to break the hand of the first 100 people convicted of using a mobile while driving, and charged the government half that amount for the privilege. It'd be a damn site more effective as a deterrent too!
  3. It's WA. Typical WA halfarsery IMHO.

    Frankly I'm surprised that poor concentration accounts for only a third of crashes here.

    And Rob Johnson is possibly the thickest State Govt minister the world has ever seen. Although, to be fair, this was probably dremt up by some unfortunate, downtrodden junior public servant in the Office of Road Safety.
  4. $900,000 for recording a couple of ring tones? A bit of advertising?

    Something seriously doesn't add up there.

    And then there's the fact that it's the most ridiculously inane idea in the history of the world...
  5. This world sucks. I'm outta hear *zooom* (flies off in spaceship)
  6. Heh, more likely it will have the road users more likely picking up the phone (whilst driving) instead of pulling over to answer the call(s) due to not liking the ring tone ](*,)

  7. And a lot more satisfying... :)
  8. I would have done it for $800,000 :p
  9. I reckon Germany's extended holiday to France in 1939 is up there.
  10. The ringtones are just part of the $900,000 campaign. Typical media slant.
  11. Nah, that had a relevant (if somewhat deranged) motivation and a reasonable chance of success.

    This has neither.

    The jaunt over to Moscow a couple of years later, now that was not such a bright move...
  12. So, another obscene waste of taxpayers' funds. The scheme will fail and will disappear into teh mists of time. Those bludgers responsible for this waste of money will shrug their shoulders and say, "oh well, maybe the next project will be more successful" as they continue to dream up more ways to piss our (or rather, WA taxpayers) money up against the wall.

    Is it any wonder that Kerry Packer went to great lengths to ensure that the government got no more money than possible.
  13. That's not even punk rock... it's terrible.
  14. The media misrepresenting things to get more attention, and thus more profit? NEVAH! [-(
  15. If they spent $900,000 (that's what, 18 years worth of median wage?) on a road safety campaign and this is the only reportable aspect of it the rest must have been amazing.