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Do they deliver??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by polarwarp, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. I'm looking to buy a new Honda cbf 250 - however I'm not confident enough to be riding it home from either the city (busy) or from heidelberg (fair distance from me). Does anyone know if any places deliver the bike - and if so how much that would likely cost?

    I'm planning on building up my confidence on local streets before tackling a busy area like the city, or a fair ride away (in case people are going to question why I'm buying a bike if I'm not confident to ride it straight away :)).

    The other thing is - hill starts?! Are they an issue on the bike? Do you just need to use your rear brake until the bike starts moving from the clutch/throttle balance? I remember them being a pain in a manual car so just checking what you do on a bike - I'd hate to find myself stopped on a hill and have issues!
  2. I paid for an independent, specialist bike mover for the delivery from the dealer. Can provide the details later if it's of any interest.
  3. A friendly and experienced netrider nearby will ride it home for you.

    Alls you got to do is ask :)
  4. Have you asked the dealer if they deliver? They can probably advise you better than we can. A reasonable dealer, selling you a new bike should provide this service.

    Yes, using your rear brake makes hill starts easier. Very much the same principal as using the handbrake in the car.
  5. I don't know if dealers deliver, but it might depend on the dealer, and also on other factors such as how far away they are, and what kind of a deal they got out of you.

    If they don't deliver, or are going to charge you for it, you'll most likely be better off arranging assistance on Netrider, I'm sure someone would be helpful enough, or just curious enough about CBFs to do this for you. I'd offer, if you were in Sydney!

    But I also have to say, for God's sake man, don't be a wuss! Presumably you have some kind a licence that states you are fit to use public roads - so don't be so scared of using them! It really is a sorry state of affairs if people who are afraid of even being on the road are judged to be fit to ride... of course, if you don't have a licence yet, forget I said anything.
  6. Hi polarwarp, Redwing are pertty good to deal with, I've only had good experiences with them so far. not too sure of any other honda dealers on the west side. As for delivery I'm sure if you're not able to get someone from Redwing to deliver just post up a time and date for a friendly netrider to come help you out. I reckon it'll only cost you a sixer or a tank of fuel.

    Can I ask how you came to the decision to buy a new CBF? I test rode it and found it to be less than desirable. Just didn't feel like the right bike. Just curious... not to undermine your decision.

    Edit: I reckon you're pretty smart to do a little practice on back streets before riding with traffic. Even if you have your L's you probably have zero experience riding on a real road and don't really want to scratch up your brand new baby in case you have a drop.
  7. I rode my bike home from the city... In peak hour. I only live ten mins away. But I crapped myself!!

    At the same time though, it's probably the best thing I could have done, it's incredibly scary, but I was going to have to do it eventually... It made my second ride a whole lot calmer.
  8. I think I lost my reply :(

    2nd time lucky!!

    I only got my Ls just over a week ago so I think I'm allowed to be a wuss for a little bit :grin: I want to initally get used to my bike without the pressure of heavy traffic or unknown streets (I'd have no idea how to get to heidelberg from here :)).

    I picked the CBF because of a great magazine review of it, and its very attractive price tag. I'm basically looking for an easy learner bike, that is cheap.. as I'm not sure how much I'll love riding. I may in 15 months just jump on the back of my bf's bike as he'll hopefully have his full license by then (no restriction) - or I may like it in which case I'll get a greater choice of bikes :) I liked the look of the honda vtr but not the price tag. I also liked the look of the zzr but again the price tag was too high. But happy for advice.

    Thanks for all the feedback - nice to know people on here would be happy to help out :)
  9. sorry for the double post - keep getting an error page and half the time its posted my message, the other half not :mad:
  10. Hi polarwarp & welcome to NR.

    +1 I think delivery is a good idea.

    When I got my bike, I also got it delivered for similar reasons to you, recent L's, city / fwy traffic, unfamiliar roads & the bike hadnt been adjusted for me yet, etc.

    Am glad I did as the guy I used for haulage advised me at time of collection that his previous 2 jobs were collecting L riders who decided to ride their "new" bikes home & had dropped & been in accidents, so playing it safe IMO is never under rated.

    Will PM you his name & number if you dont get assistance from any friendly NR's with either trailers or spare riding time :grin:
  11. Hey Polarwarp,

    I had my first bike (zzr250) delivered from the city to mount waverley in melbourne by MTS (Motorcycle transprot service or something) under the dealers suggestion. Actually I had the dealer pay for it as part of the deal, but it wasn't much anyway. I have also dealt with them recently, when I sold the zzr to someone interstate, and they were great to deal with.

    Im sure that there are other companies that can transport your bike as well, Im only speaking from my limited experience.

    I recommend you go with getting the bike delivered, I certainly enjoyed spending my first 100 Ks or so on quiet suburban roads I knew well. Hitting city traffic first off would be a bad idea imho.

    This is longer than I thought my first post would be!
  12. heyyyyyyyy welcome to you to too Nick :grin:
  13. Thanks nice to be here.
  14. Personally I think jumping in the deep end and riding through the traffic is a good learning experience. My first ride, I had to ride the bike from Cranbourne to Heidelberg, at night. I had semis passing me. When I got home though, I felt a lot more confident than 40mins before hand.
    If you're buying it at Redwing, I'd suggest working out a mostly back streets way home. Picking it up first thing Saturday morning (as the traffic doesn't get to bad til around midday). And getting someone to follow you home. If you don't feel that confident, ride it around the back streets first. It won't be long until you want to take it onto the main road.
  15. i have never bought a new bike from a dealer but id expect if it was reasonably close (my opinion on this is about 50km round trip) to get delivery for free.

    if you are not confident id suggest getting it delivered then going into traffic. when i got my first bike i had bad or no throttle and clutch control, i released the clutch 2 quick and launched across 2 lanes and am lucky i didnt end up in the next one which had on coming traffic.

    why not have your boyfriend ride it home? it sounded like he has his l's or p's
  16. Edit: double post...
  17. do any of your friends have a ute capable if transporting your bike home? i just brought mine home about 2 weeks ago on the bak of my bf's Navara (under "getting bike into ute tray") It was much safer and easier for me to get it home this way. The onyl expense was the rachet tie-downs.


    E x