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Do these do bikes make anyone else uncomfortable?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Not that I'm intending on buying either, but something just doesn't seem right about this.

    Just curious as to others' thoughts, just to store in my memory as reference for myself upon purchasing a new bike (one day).
  2. What do you mean "do they make your feel uncomfortable"?

    Do you mean riding them or just the bikes themselves?
  3. Looks as tho they've been repairable rightoffs...
    i'd do the revs check as they suggest...

    Otherwise seems ok, they offer a phone number so go and look at it, and offer reciepts... its only a starting bid as well... I'd go ask for a test first...
  4. i assume he means they sound dodgy
  5. I would feel anybike advertised without a rego number or VIN was more than likely stolen. :)
  6. Both ads quote the VIN and are listed as unregistered.
  7. Ok a quick look in the trading post shows... on average a R1 with 50,000km sells for about $8000 with reg and RWC

    so the advertised bike on ebay will cost $5500 + RWC $80 +ViV certificate $440 + rego $560 (vic) + stamp duty $350 + booking fees etc $100 = $7030

    Bargain my a... in winter you can pickup an R1 with those Km on the clock for that sort of money...
  8. it'll be a while before i'll be looking at litre bikes... i just meant is that the sort of sh!t that's gonna make you regret forkin ur money out.
  9. Just for reference, A1 Road and Race is a bike dealership here in Sydney.

    A1 Road and Race.
  10. That only happens to those who cut corners trying to save money.
    Check a bike thoroughly prior to handing over $$ & you will have no suprises &/or regrets. :wink:
  11. Not too familiar with ebay's bidding system. But it is an auction so price would go up? If not, I would consider them suspect. Especially someone who calls a zx9r a perfect commuter.
  12. I've had no problems riding mine to Syd numerous times, & once to Qld. :?
    Fair enough comment tho if your idea of a perfect commuter is a couch on wheels :LOL:
  13. I was waiting for someone to remark on my remark. Sure you can commute on it, its not uncomfortable. But a perfect commuter? My zzr isn't even a 'perfect' commuter. Fitting the description of cheap, reliable, very very very easy to ride, some storage, extremely fuel efficient --> scooter.

    Don't think any bikes in the super sport category are 'perfect' commuters :p
  14. So you playing on the definition of 'perfect' then eh :LOL:
    Wide scope of interpretation of what one deems as perfect dude. :wink:

    Sports you referring to are perfect commuters for short travelling times! :p
  15. I doubt he'd be able to get these prices on an open market auction, with a zero starting bid.

    The prices seem to pegged at the normal market value, minus repairs, stampduty, rego and RWC.

    Current '02 9R's with about 30 K on the clock, in good nick are on the market for mid to high $9k's, sometimes more with trick bits.

    Take off repair cost, stamp duty, rego and RWC, from that and you get about the price A1 is asking for the 9R.

    Only a good buy if you're handy in the repair department.
  16. Yeah I wouldn't say they were real bargins but more like they seem about right. Personally I'd just buy one that wasn't stacked and save myself the hassel. Considering I'm not at all handy with a screwdriver :grin:
  17. Hey,

    I live just down the road from A1 Road Motorcycles (on the Princes Highway), i can check them out for you if you want...