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Do the N.S.W police chip their bikes?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by morbosity, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. A quick question

    Do the N.S.W cops upgrade the chip their B.M.W bikes?
    If so do they remove it on selling the bike?

    Masses of research has told me nothing , i don`t want to dismantle anything i don`t have to

    Has it`s relay for the standard pipe , id like to one day upgrade the pipe and rip that relay to get a real note and a bit more HP out of it :D
  2. Its a BMW. If you want a loud bike get a Harley !
  3. My TRX sounds better then a harley , I`m just interested in squeezing a few more HP out of the beast.
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    Dunno about a chip, but I swear I heard a turbo spool on one yesterday.

  5. Would guess they don't. Any form of 'cop chip' has been a unicorn for a decade.

    Fkn lol @ turbo.
  6. They don't do anything to the bikes or cars, never have.

    As Duane said, it's a myth.
  7. Not entirely true, I've heard plenty of chip stories but back in the VK commodore days the HWY patrol cars they'd get specially built. It was a stock car with the "brocky" spec 308 engine which had B-cast heads and a better intake and carby I believe. They went harder than the regular 5L. Sure it was no faster than a actual Brock commodore but it was faster than the model it was badged as. They also had a modified auto gear shifter that let them manually shift it without holding up the traditional T-bar.

    Me and my mates have owned a few "ex chaser" bombadores over the years that's how I'd come to learn this.

    Now days they just buy bog stock SS's and keep the spoilers etc.
  8. having a brother who was an auto electrician who worked on cop cars now and again .. and a work colleague who owned an ex- cop car .. I can assure you, they do a lot to them.
  9. I've been told that they used to but don't any more (by a police solo)
    I've been told that they never did - by a senior cop.
    I've been told that they do - by an ex BMW person.

    I do know that the police models usually have upgraded electrics.

    I do know that my old ex-cop K100 was significantly quicker than standard and on a dyno it was about 10% up on power over the claimed standard power.
  10. I expect they simply learn to ride them.

    Anyway, tell us more about your TRX!
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  11. Might have had K75 pistons in it, which raise compression by a point or so and should, in theory, give you a genuine 100 bhp from a 2-valve K100.

    I can't see why cop bikes would be tweaked. It's pretty rare that they get used in pursuits and, in reality, spend the vast majority of their time in slow patrol and escort work.

    Most of the police spec bikes that I'm aware of are, if anything, in a lower state of tune than standard.
  12. From my research , It has a shorter ratio diff / upgraded to 850Walternator ,

    it is a pretty easy process to replace the chip , i will rip it apart to find out eventually

  13. Not much to tell a trixxy owner

    Remus pipes ,led blinkers and fun fun fun,

    I can say i rely trust the bike -press that button it just goes

    Still has the power to throw the back wheel around or stand if your being a douche, So nice on the bits of road that are not straight.

    A rely bad pic after 10 or more hours to Nimbin , wrists and arms were shot -holding the android -difficult

  14. True at least since the VN/AU days.

    There are some electronic mods, but mailey to run the lights and sirens, radios etc. They even wire them so the interior light doesn't come on when they open the doors.

    But from an engine performance point of view, nothing.
  15. My thoughts exactly.

    I can see how myths might get started though. After all, it's much easier on the sports bike ego to believe in some super-dooper cop only tuning than it is to admit that you were too crap to outrun a BMW tourer :twisted:.

    Cars may be another matter for all I know. Some constabularies in the UK certainly used to have some fairly non-standard vehicles for various purposes (a Jag XJS with a substantial reinforcing structure inside the nose and front wings springs to mind: draw your own conclusions as to the reasons) so I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand.
  16. Agreed

    Its pretty snappy for a monster ,That May have more to do with the diff ratio. But is also pretty dam easy to throw a chip in one

    On the x-cop cars , We had a 351 xd falcon chaser

    Once we got pulled over and booked by a cop who recognized it , He was pretty pissed we owned it ,Said it was way to powerful for Joe Public to own , and the commodores they were forced to drive could not catch the old XD

    He would have been even more pissed if he knew what was done after we got it ,4g on the motor (cost price) , 5g on suspension - rocket sled on rails
  17. Ah, the rare blue tree hiding variety!
  18. My experience with BMWs suggest that, although they are not fast bikes per se (I'm talking R and in-line K, not crossways K or S1000), they are easy bikes to ride fast for a sustained period, if that's not too much of an oxymoron. I know that mine surprised a few people with how well they went, and one of the reasons I originally bought a K was the memory of a few spirited rides following experienced riders on K100s. Although I was on ostensibly more sporting machinery, these guys would really make me work hard to keep up and when we stopped I'd be a white-knuckled, pop-eyed, gibbering wreck and they wouldn't :D.
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  19. Possible I guess, but their are lots of stories. One such story is a friend who is a mechanic watched an unmarked 380 roll out of a workshop, the cop red-lined it cold and blew out a turbo. Pinch of salt and all that but still, there are lots of stories.

    and regarding the turbo spooling on the bike, that's just what it sounded like, don't think there was actually one there.
  20. Hmmm changing the final drive ratio is illegal in terms of emissions compliance.
    At least without proving that the original emissions are not compromised.
    And is specifically mentioned in the Australian Design Rules for emission compliance.