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Do Spiders creep you out ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by doonx, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Spiders creep out a friend. She just wrote in her journal.

    My Scary Wednesday
    by *NAME*

    i was driving to officeworks on my lunch break to pick up some stuff for my new office when a HUGE spider ran across my windshield.

    i screamed like a biatch, pulled over, jumped out and tried to shoo it away. i splashed some water on it and turned my alarm on and off to try and startle it. i even sent it telepathic messages to please go away.

    anyway, it ran *inside* the car.


    so i called up my daddy who came down to help me, armed with a can of pea-beu and a dustpan and brush. he started spraying pea-beu everywhere and all these little spiders ran out of crevices.

    i screamed more.

    i drove my car up to the garage to have it fumigated and it was the most tense 5 minutes of my life. now i have the afternoon off work because i am a wuss.

    the end.
  2. That is a nasty, nasty picture! :(

    Yes, spiders creep me out... I have nightmares about them and will wake myself up screaming.

    I had a spider under the seat on my old bike once... it smelt funny after I sprayed the whole thing with surface spray :D (die little suckers, die!)
  3. Naaa, live and let live.
  4. When they startle you by being on the inside of your helmet visor as you flip it down to go riding? Yes.

    Animated .gif's? No
  5. still, it makes for a good effect
  6. We really DO have a thing about creepy crawlies on this forum, don't we? harry the huntsman was the last thread, great yarns!
  7. Update on Harry:
    Harry knew there were a couple of HQ events on the horizon so he took a bit of a hike...
    but he is still alive and well and trying to scare the bejeesus out of anyone using the front door.
    He is now up to day 2 sitting just above the front door trying to look all threatening to anyone who goes past him :LOL:
  8. Spiders don't creep me out but I now have epilepsy.