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Do scooters have a netural gear/switch?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Gibbz, May 8, 2008.

  1. Im interested to know if scooters have a neutral gear or switch which they can use when at the lights so that you dont need to hold the brake levers in?

    Do any models have this?

  2. As far as I'm aware, CVT scooters (/ non manual scoots) dont. Why would you need one? letting off the brakes it wont stall?
  3. Burgmann 650 has a "handbrake" so you can release the levers.
  4. i would greatly appreciate a handbrake of some sort due to my rsi. Which i had to give up riding a motorbike due to the clutch/breaks flaring up my rsi.
  5. On my Honda Lead you can lock the rear brake on, you just have to pull in the lever and flick a catch. It releases when you pull the lever in again so it is very easy to use.
  6. ok cool. So to keep a scooter stopped can you use either the front or back brake(ie u dont need both)?
  7. Hey??? Automatic scooters have centrifugal clutches. When the engine is at idle speed the clutch is disengaged. You can even blip the throttle a bit before the clutch engages. Even so, the engagement point can be changed by using different clutch finger springs. They aren't like an automatic car where you have to hold the brake so they don't "creep".

    Of course if you're on a hill you would have to use the brake to prevent the scooter from rolling down the hill!
  8. ok so assume im sitting at the lights on a flat road. If im not holding onto the handle bars at all(ie throttle on 0). Then the scooter will be in neutral and not move?
  9. Its effectively neutral yes. The bike won't move on its own power, and if the road is flat you don't need to hold any levers and if its 100% flat you shouldn't even need to hold the bars whilst sitting there (your legs can hold it).
  10. cool! I think the crappy old 50cc i used to own may have been a bit busted then ;P

    Thanks for that info guys :)