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Do Scare tactics work on you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maetrik, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. We've all seen them. The obnoxious billboards telling us all how dangerous it is to ride on 2 wheels, how our risk of injury is 38 times more likely than in a car, and the ad that only points out poor rider behaviour causing accidents not drivers.

    This advertising does absolutely nothing to make me want to ride more cautiously or think about the risks involved. I really fail to see how telling me the chances of getting maimed or killed is significantly higher than a car is constructive to a riders safety? Why aren't the campaigns focused on positive reinforcement ie: endorsing lessons, promoting driver awareness for bikes, and treating us as actual road users instead of reckless hoons who maim themselves. Looking at a poster of someone with half the skin missing off their back telling me to wear the right gear is absolutely idiotic. Not only do the large majority do this anyway, but a $5000 leather suit doesn't save you from some moron in a Volvo cutting you off and forcing you off the road into the a tree. It should read "38 times more likely to be maimed by incompetent drivers.". Humans are renowned for having the attitude of ''it wont happen to me''. Why not tackle the attitudes that lead to incidents rather than jumping to the end result and showing ads where motoryclists get cleaned up by 4WD's like the one that has been on recently. For those of you that know the ad, the way he came off is ridiculous anyway. An overtake leads to the bike doing a forward flip and landing in front of a car. Even the scenarios are bullshit.

    I get the feeling the TAC and most road users view us as a hinderance. Little do they know that its as much THEIR responsibility to ensure our safety as it is ours. Where are the billboards educating drivers on road awareness, and respect for riders as legitimate road users. It just seems so ridiculous. What motive does the TAC have to reinforce how dangerous the sport is, if you really think about it its very much a subtle way of them putting the responsibility and onus on us, and if we kill ourselves i can imagine them having the attitude of "they were warned". Not with drivers though, its always alcohol or speed thats blamed, not plain incompetence. I've seen drunk drivers driving better than some middle aged women, no wonder we have a higher chance of injury.

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same? Cops are worse, i copped a spiel the other day up near Marysville about how the cops are sick of scooping us up off the road day after day, as though it causes too much paperwork for them. It's about time they rethinked the whole bloody strategy because personally, the warnings are that pathetic i nearly laugh.
  2. no such billboards in ACT area
  3. Woops, i should have made myself clear.

    This relates to Victorian campaigns. Does the ACT have any targetted at riders?
  4. I see the massive picture of a pretty cool looking biker on one of my local routes such as reefton all the time, with some message like speeding its not worth it or slow down or risk or whatever and I tell you what, they make me smile :)
    I never push my limits and the message isn't relevant to me, if theres a car or another rider behind me I'll wave at the sign, much to their amusement.

    I thinks its nice that the government acknowledges heaps of riders use these roads, hey whats the worst that happens, car drivers see it and are more aware of bikes on their tourist route. Fandiddlytastic :D
    Good on em, I like them, they make me smile.

    I agree that many riders will feel targeted and alienated, but hey, lighten up, its just a billboard, and they are right, heaps of riders are pushing it too far out there.

    I don't think its tacs responsibility to ensure our safety maetrik, its all up to the rider, if you ride your race replica like your an a track, you will most probably crash at one point, not to mention you are endangering 'real' riders like myself and my girlfriend. Hell I don't go out to the spurs on the weekend because the most dangerous thing out there to me is other riders crossing the lines and pushing the limits, burning through a blind sweeper at 180 behind me while I'm doing 80, or trying to take me on the inside before the road opens up and I let them past.

    my 2c, many of you won't agree but don't start flaming, thats just how I see it.
  5. Oh and yeah, of course they think we are a hinderance, but we are also a great source of revenue, we pay our 'tolls' if you will, money first, safety later.

    Agree with pretty much everything you said, its one hell of a stupid campaign, what some weekend racer is going to see the sign and go, oh ok I better slow down now:rofl:
  6. Dude, woo, why would i flame. This is a discussion and i wanted other peoples opinions.

    I never said it was the TAC's responsbility to "ensure our safety". But if they are going to increase awareness, make it constructive. I haven't seen one billboard that highlights the need for cars to be responsible and aware that they are sharing the road with riders. I completely agree some push it way too hard, but statistics show that vehicle/bike collisions aren't rare and i think the focus needs to be put on this more than how dangerous it is to ride. The board advising riders to wear the right gear has had 0 effect from what i've seen. Scooter riders in suits. Guys in singlets? Education is far more effective in changing attitudes than using fear. People don't react well to messages telling them their shortcomings, and that goes for anything in life.

    I've only been riding for 7 months so its just my early observation.
  7. 100% agree with the OP. All that these 'scare tactic' campaigns achieve is marginalising the 95% of riders who do the right thing most of the time. The 5% lunatic fringe that the ads are targeted at are not going to take any notice of it anyway.

    I can only think that the main purpose of these ads is enforce the 'all bike riders are hoons' message to the car driving public and hence raise political support for the anti motorcycle campaign.
  8. Re the flaming, there are heaps of people that jump on statements with righteousness and fervour, just trying to avoid it this time.

    Most definitely maetrik, however most of the signs I see around are pretty positive, such as the 'be more aware of motorcyclists cagers' ones and the gear/dont push your limits/be careful, they have adopted a more agreeable attitude recently instead of the usual graphic scare tactics and the 'you will die because your obviously an idiot' ones they used to have.
  9. Yeah see as i said im only 7 months into my riding, so i haven't seen the old ones. I guess i just wish there was more emphasis on cagers responsibility to be more aware, because im continually stunned at their lack of concentration and idiotic driving behaviour that i see whilst riding. They are effectively driving a weapon, and usually people who own weapons need to be very well trained in the safe operation of such equipment. I see no difference with drivers.

    Now keep in mind i drive a car as well, so im not a complete anti-cager but a campaign by the TAC informing drivers of some simple facts to protect motorcyclists on the roads would be a welcome change.
  10. We are. Imagine how safe the roads would be if there was no-one on them ;)

    It's a bandaid, made to look like the people who get money to ensure the roads are safe look like they're earning their money.

    We all have jobs to do, I'm sick of doing paperwork but I accept it comes with my job. So does dealing with the general public. Suck it up.

    At the end of day, it's only the actions of the road users that make the roads safe/unsafe, which means look out for number one.

    So, no scare tactics are a pointless waste of money.
  11. I just loved the reason for me being pulled over was a fender eliminator. Such a life threatening modification. I wish they'd target the moronic Silvia/200SX drivers who thrash through the spurs taking up more road than a logging truck.

    Even bike cops, you'd think they'd sympathise as a fellow rider and understand the passion most of us have to ride but they're worse in my experience. They'd fine you for having dead bugs on your visor if they could. They're the guys who should be reaching out and educating riders, but revenue is more important clearly.
  12. No, the sort of messages you're talking about alienate me from the authorities and make me less inclined to consider any future message.

    Meaning, by the time they actually get the message right - no one will be listening because they're sick of the BS fed to them in the past.
  13. It's pretty much an excepted attitude that the powers in this world are anti bike, for logic that is twisted and distorted a long way from reality.

    They are educating the population that WE are the problem, and even put ads out telling us that WE are responsible for our own safety. The flipside that drivers get from that is that THEY are not.

    They can do whatever they like, as long as they wipe off 5, and be good little sheep.

    Bikers?...who cares!...their safety is up to them. It's why we get a "failure to maintain proper control of a motorcycle" everytime we fall off. We get penalized for riding a bike. Seeee?... Bikes are baaad!...blah fekin blah!

  14. Id like to see someone get the rush in a car that you'd be experiencing in your display pic John.

    Not a chance!
  15. Well, I don't smoke...
  16. Never knew smoking whilst riding is 38 times more dangerous, nor does it require you to wear leathers. Odd.
  17. Well you learn something new everyday, as the saying goes.

    But seriously, the same principle applies.

    don't look too hard

  18. I'm not sure what you're getting at. If you are using as a comparison and 'dont smoke', does that mean you dont ride?

  19. they have zero effect on everyone. complete waste of our money that could have been spent better and wiser.
    that's my gripe with them. just flushing money down the toilet that could have been used to save and preserve lives. i think they should be accountable for their spending considering they've no good results to show for it.
  20. I ride.

    Monkeyman is wrong in that scare tactics really do have an impact. The impact is not anti-riding hysteria, which many people take it to be. The authorities aren't stupid, they know people aren't going to put the bike on sale and hang up the helmet on viewing of the add. However, the fact that riding is inherently risky does become accepted and precautions start to get taken and high risk riding is discouraged. Truth be told, I think that is the point of scare tactics (rather than inducing hysteria) and to that extent they work. Just look at the number of squid threads that pop up every october, november, december.

    Now for the comparison with smoking, the same principle applies. Scare tactics don't make people go out and quit immediately, but awareness of the dangers does increase, and the number of people smoking gradually is dropping. The biggest difference between the two is public acceptance. Smoking is frowned upon while two wheeled transport (and two wheeled leisure) is on the rise.