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Do people mess with your ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. I attend a college that shares a carpark with several corporate offices.

    We turned up as one of the first to move into the building (the college I mean) and hence used the car spaces in the undercover carpark.

    Soon enough we got a heap of stickers and notices saying we'd be towed, the college was yelled at by the body corporate and now all the BMW/Merc driving *#$&*heads get pissy when we park in there.

    Anyway, because I ride a bike, I tend to slot into a spot that is not a car space, or a walkway... it's just a metre wide spot at the edge of the carpark that goes 100% unused except for me on wednesdays and thursdays.

    Well today I come out to find my bike facing the opposite direction to which I left it. Very very annoyed, I get on, and fire her up. I nip out, round the roundabout then pull over to wait for college mates to go to lunch with.

    All of a sudden the bike coughs, splutters and then dies. I cannot, for the life of me or the three guys I had with me, start it via the key or pushstarting. I eventually damn near run the battery dead for trying.

    Takes me nearly 40 minutes to realise the bike had not only been turned around, but also the fuel line had been switched OFF (not to reserve, but OFF) so the fuel in the lines got me just up the road and then the engine died. On top of this, the emergency stop trigger had been hit.

    I'm only new to riding and bikes, so it took a while to figure all this out. Flicked them all back on again and wham, pushstarted in 1 go.

    Is this a common thing? Do people mess with your shit when you're not attending it?

    The issue I have is that JUST around the corner is a merging lane into an 80km zone, if I hadn't stopped to wait, I would have run out of fuel trying to merge into that (often quite crabby) traffic and had a fair chance of crashing/being hit.

    I just want to say to the person who did it... Try it again, because I will be watching from the bushes with kevlar studded knuckles waiting for you, jackass.
  2. Hey mate - thats shite...dont worry it doesnt happen often that i know of, but I maybe wouldnt park bike there again - as they appear to know what they were doing when messing with your bike...

    In the coming up to 2.5 years I've had a bike, something like that only happened once...someone walking past basically flicked all the switches (luckily didnt touch the fuel tap) - but when i jumped on the bike and was doing the whole "huh' thing - i looked around and noticed all the cars had their windscreen wipers sticking out - so someone was obviously just bored...
  3. screwball, yes it would shit me if some one touched my ride BUT you are parking on private property AND by all accounts are well aware of the fact, would you be happier if they had it towed may be?
  4. :LOL: i get the guys at work playing pranks on me (we're all riders)... i'll come out of the office to find my bike missing... and eventually find it at the other end of the building...
  5. The body corporate are not backwards about voicing their dislikes. I expect stickers, notices, and for the college to be told off... as yet over the past month I hear nothing.

    It's not the people who own the building, else it would be towed. It's someone who just doesn't like sharing the carpark with a cheeky rider who can slot their 2nd girlfriend where they cant slot their lumpy piece of shit german cockbox.
  6. May be the driver of the German shit box was woried cause he saw someone trying to squeeze between a car and your bike to get something, may be some one saw your bike nearly knocked over and moved it out of the way, may be may be, may be we are too quick to critisise others.
  7. hahah i love the anger man....

    same thing happend to me..... i was lucky enuf to c the guy that was fiddling with my bike when i was walking past to get lunch... ohhh did i get him back....... i left him to finish wat he was doing...... and then i got him back..

    since ive seen him driving around in his crapbox, iknew my target. i waited my turn the next day.... hahahahahahaha and BAMMM

    he's doors and key holes wer sealed shut with silicon and PVC glue...

    hahahah he couldnt get in his car..... poor bugger,... then i took off on my bike, while he was standing there,,,. :biker:
  8. I like your style, Gixxer!

    I park my bike in Westfield Eastgardens because I work there... and after work always half-expecting it to have disappeared.

    Often found heaps of trolleys around it... People think that "yea it's just a bike, plenty of space to dump our trolleys there". So pissed, I swear.

    Edit : It happened to me today, and I was out of work like 15 mins after my shift ended (They do not pay me for overtime, and the boss was like "I don't care etc") so I was pretty pissed. Found my bike surrounded with trolleys, again. Lanesplitted home like a madman through the loads of cagers leaving the shopping centre (being Thursday) and hit at least 3 mirrors while doing so, with my own mirrors. I got sworn at, I didn't care. You can flame me for being dangerous, or w/e, I wouldn't care.
  9. i've had it done on occasion. NOT impressed.

    i'm more vigilant with the pre-ride checks when i park the bike at tafe!
  10. there's metres of space to park the bike, it's just blocked off by two large concrete pilons which is the main obstruction making it useless as a carpark.

    And who turns my fuel line off for my own benefit?

    I obviously haven't posted every little detail here but I can guarantee you 100% WITHOUT FAIL that this was done to spite me.
  11. Man I believe in karma.. Those people that you hit may have seen your bike there and then said to themselves "woops, if i leave my trolley there i might damage that bike" and taken it to the proper dropoff point.

    Then you'd have damaged their car for nothing eh :shock:

    Karma will get them, don't you worry.
  12. Leave your bike there again, and hide somewhere you have a view of it. When someone starts messing with your bike I see two choices.

    a) Take their keys, find their car. Take them to it and ram their heads through their windscreen. Don't worry if it doesn't go through the first time, just keep banging away.

    b) Cut off their head and mount it on the front of your bike so that others get the point.

    Personally I'm a (b) man.
  13. Great attitude. :? Why Bother... ](*,)
  14. nothing for me yet, my work has a small parking space out the front (as well has the big shopping centre but ive never seen trolleys near this side of the car park) and when I go to the shops there are bike parking spaces :D (saw a Ducati 749 in yellow in one today, the front of that bike is FUGLY :-O the side looks nice tho, but I prefer the 748)

    EDIT: forgot to ad, I have yet to ride to school on it, and I will be doing so in a week or two (gotta get a parking permit, and I cant think where I can put it on the bike where it wont be taken or just blow off :S)
  15. My bike attracts winos who always seem to go for the chain, and anything on it they always wipe all over their trousers...
    Then they tell me I should use grease like they did when they were boys and ask me for a dollar...never for booze of course :p
  16. At uni i see lots of kids (especially foreign students) that jump on bikes and get pictures taken and junk. Nowadays if i see anyone doing it, i tell them off for touching other peoples property.

    BTW if i smelt petrol and saw a bike nearby, i would pbly turn off their fuel tap and leave them a note, not so much with new bikes, but older bikes that might have problems with them, and less likely to have alarms.
  17. tampering

    i have had my bike knocked over while in the carpark at the front of my old Tafe, so i parked inside the tafe grounds near the workshop, only to get my bike tampered with week after week... constantly getting "your bike will be towed if not moved" stickers, not to mention some ***hole disconnected my shift lever, adjusted my clutch all the way out so clutch is still disengaged when dropping into gear, my front brake lever adjuster tampered with, tyres let down, and left in gear... all in one hit.

    solved it with a Scorpio alarm with a perimiter sensor..

    next thing you know my alarm starts chirping, one of the students is at my bike with a screw driver trying to pop my shift lever off again.. i calmly told him to leave my bike alone. since he got the stiches out he hasn't touched my bike since, nor has anyone else.
  18. I'd just key every single car in the carpark every time this happend, pretty soon it will stop.
    Or, just cut their brake lines, just as deadly as friggin around with fuel taps.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. That's the attitude, if you hit my mirror, I would chase you until you fell off or I ran you over, whichever came first.