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Do people get bike covers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tongnk, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. So I don't have the luxury of the garage and it's been raining lately in Sydney. Had a guy tell me that I shouldn't leave the bike out due to the bearings getting rusted? I've had a look and there doesn't seem to be a general consensus on what to do.

    So question is should I get a bike cover? And if I do, is there anything in particular I have to look out for (can I get it on eBay for example) as I've seen posts about it melting on the exhaust etc

  2. Bearings...lol...if they start rusting, you have bigger problems!

    Certainly having something over the bike stops water and dew soaking into everything which can lead to contacts, surface rust and dirt getting over everything. Generally bikes stored outside look like crap after a few years and you will experience more wear on items such as cables (clutch, brake, throttle) unless you've got your maintenance squared away.
    Also good to make your flashy bike less catching to the eye, still use some security such as an alarmed disklock at the minimum and preferably chain it something.

    I'd get a cover with a small vent as the last thing you want is the cover turning into a sauna and the water getting into all the sealed electrics and computers.
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  3. Nothing much'll happen that wouldn't if you were riding in the rain, it's just the bike will probably spend more time sitting in the rain than you do, so you're effectively accelerating weather-related wear. Which isn't the end of the world -it's not going to catch pneumonia- especially if it's not a beautiful baby. A good cover would certainly be better than none, though (if you make a habit of using the thing).

    What to buy? Something weatherproof, not a water resistant dustcover. Autotecnica has some that are pretty heavy duty plastic, and they were available through Autobarn last I checked. They're in the region of $100, as I recall.

    As to things like melting, it depends on the bike and how soon you chuck the cover on; if the headers are out of the way and the muffler runs cool enough to touch, it shouldn't be a problem, and if you give it time to cool down a bit (which you're supposed to anyway) it also shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Mine has to live in a carport, and as such is partially exposed to weather, especially when it gets a bit wild.

    I use an RJays cover. So far it's been excellent, weather proof, felt lining etc It's maybe 2 years old and only shows minor wear, no rips or tears. I think it's a good price for the quality. You do, of course, have to wait for the bike to cool a bit before putting on though.

    RJays Lined Waterproof Bike Cover

    I've tried the cheap plastic ones from ebay, the one I bought only lasted about 6 months before tearing.

    As far as the weather accelerating wear, this can be managed just by regular cleaning and treating some bolts etc with wd40 or similar; such as a PPFE type spray like Muc Off.
  5. I've got a genuine Suzuki cover as my bike is in an open front shed. It was expensive but it is great quality and more importantly it fits the bike well, vents are in the right places so rain can't enter, elastic around the base and grommets for a padlock if you want to keep it secure however it does warn against putting it on with a hot exhaust. You get what you pay for, don't expect a cheap cover to last any time in full sun or wild weather but something is better than nothing
  6. Yes definitely get one. It protects from water getting into electrical systems and stops the paint deteriorating so quickly. Also for the reasons mentioned makes them less of a target.

    Every year in August Aldi have a sale and they generally sell covers for $25. They last about 2 years. Until then I would either just get a cheap car cover, or just a tarp and cover it up until the next Aldi sale.
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  7. I just returned my Oxford Stormex because it has large open vents at the top which allows rain in and the felt lining means the sealing tape is on the outside and started peeling. Replaced it with a Dowco Weatherall Plus from US ebay for 180 AUD delivered, but I was looking around the local Suzuki dealership a few days ago and I noticed the Suzuki branded covers for that price and I suspect that they are in fact a rebranded Dowco, same box, same material and it looked like the same cut.
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  8. The Oxford Rainex seems good to me. It keeps the bike clean and dry and isn't overly heavy or hard to use.