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Do not use ebikeinsurance.com

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by fubarcbr, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Just a warning to anyone that is thinking of insuring with ebikeinsurance.com DON'T. i Cancelled my insurance on the 10th with them so i could get different insurance and i have just had my account debited for the insurance. Now when i called up to ask why this is they said i haven't cancelled my insurance, i told them taht is crap i did it 9 days ago and they recon that nothing is showing up on their system saying i cancelled it. so now i am out of 2 weeks worth of insurance and my account is in debit cause they weren't suppose to take any money out. so i am now out another 30 bucks and it takes 14days to get that money to me.

    And then when i tried to tell them that there is a problem with their system they told me that it is all working and up to date (working for them to screw me out of more money).

    So don't use them unless you never intend to cancel, make a change to your policy. Shit i would hate to know what they are like with making a claim.

  2. Ask to talk to their supervisor, say that you did cancel it and ask why you were debited. They will say 'no everything on our end indicates that you didn't cancel it', to which you reply 'so you are accusing me of lying?'. Keep pushing you'll get your money back - its only $30 they should give in easily.
  3. A friend of mine is in the process of getting a claim paid through them at the moment.

    They are friendly enough, but do not seem to be very organised. Not mentioning until well into the claim procedure (after stating that it was not necessary) that a police report be supplied.

    Also asking for it to be faxed to them when according to the police, they have to make an FOI request (not sure how correct this is).

    Finally, and most importantly, saying that the will pay the claim and that the money will be in his account at time x......still waiting a week on from that time and their excuses sound pretty weak to me.

    When it's all resolved, I post how it went. I've just got my fingers crossed that the mongrels pay, otherwise that new bike he bought is going to be difficult to pay for....
  4. thanks for sharing your story. iam in the process of getting quotes right now
  5. when dealing with insurance companies, always do/get it in writing and keep a copy. If you have a dated copy of your notice to end the policy and can show transmission to them then you might be able to persuade them of their error.
  6. and they were $$$$$ for me, 24 P plates... QBE insurance were the best by far.
  7. OK, it wasn't exactly comp insurance, but when I cancelled and got a refund from the finance gap insurance on my first cage, Swann insurance were able to backdate the date of my cancellation from when I sold the vehicle which entitled me to a higher refund.

    I thought that was pretty nice of them - so it is within insurance company's power.

    Perhaps tell them "Right, well I want it DEFINITELY CANCELLED now, I want a written statement confirming that cancellation sent through, I want this cancellation backdated to the beginning of the policy, and I want a full refund for what was deducted from my account."

    See what they say ^_^
  8. You can always complain to the obusma..................

    Actually, no you can't because they are not compelled to listen to them.

    ebike are a thing of the past anyway ;)
  9. IMR are the best .. They know bikes inside out..
  10. Go to the bank and fill out a disputed debit form.
    That will ensure you will eventually get reimbursed.
  11. ALWAYS do everything in writing and ask for a confirmation back. An email is far better than just a telephone call
  12. hey dont go and get a police report, that is the insurance companies responsibility, they try this with alot of people. you are not required to get this. they just dont want to shell out the money to source the report.

    i had aami try this on me and when i went to the police to ask about getting a report they looked at me funny and told me thats not my responsibility
  13. .........
  14. Einsurance

    congratulations on donating your money to them

    they do not have to comply with Australian insurance Laws policies etc

    and are not answerable to the Ombudsman.

    You'd be better to walk up and give your premium to a homeless person.

    Next time read the advertisment and product disclosure statement!