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Do Not Tailgate Learners!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AmBam, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Ok, yes I'm a learner, yes I'm a girl and yes I'm pretty cautious on the road. BUT I was doing the limit, actually I was over the limit...but this commodore decided to sit up my ass coming back from a great ride out to Healesville.

    Now, again, I'm a learner... what in hell did he bloody expect me to do? :twisted:
    I know the theory, ignore, keep the distance behind the car in front...but he was .05mm off my rear end. Breaking slightly would have put him on top of me. :mad:

    Sorry for posting something similar to Rendezvous's post... but I'm starting to get frustrated :mad:

  2. If safe try accelerating and give yourself that little bit of extra room and in that same movement indicate and move to side of rd and pull over, let them go past you, then continue on. This is probably the best solution in this case. Or if on a dual lane rd just slow down enough to make them pass you.
  3. Set your rear brake pedal up that the brake light will come on before the brake when you depress the brake pedal. That way you can flash the brake light without braking. I do this and the tailgater backs off.
  4. It's what Commodore drivers do, get used to it. Their car won Bathurst you know :roll: It's all they have in their pathetic lives...
    Rant over!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Know how you feel.

    Having said that I ventured from Montrose to Ferntree Gully on the tourist road this morning and the traffic were very accomodating to me (yep I'm another Learner :) )
  6. Indicate left for 5 seconds then apply brakes and pull over to the side of the road if its safe to do so. Some roads have no emergency stopping lanes but just gravel, and I wouldn't be pulling off the road onto the gravel shoulder in that case.
  7. +1000
  8. Tail gating strategies:

    Brake light technique is good, I use that one a lot.

    Slow down, then accelerate away to create a gap. Do that several times till they get the message... I use that occasionally.

    Turn around in your seat and gesticulate wildly at them - I use that one occasionally too. Scares the shit out of the absent minded tailgaters... doesn't work against the ones doing it on purpose.

    Slow right down so they go around - I use that once in a while.

    Pull off to the side of the road - I hardly ever use that.

    Split ahead and leave them in your dust... I use that frequently - used it today on the freeway actually... I like having a big bike! :cool:

    When you're being tailgated and you can't get them to back off or go around you, you need to leave MORE space infront. You are now managing the tailgater and the traffic ahead. Think "escape route", cause you'll need it if the car ahead brakes suddenly.

    The larger gap ahead means you have time and space to dart left or right and avoid getting mowed down by the idiot tailgater behind you.

    Being tailgating sucks.

    By the way, I drive a commodore, but it's a wagon... does that mean I'm branded like the rest?? :LOL:
  9. I completely sympathise with you, tailgaters are a pain no matter what you're driving or riding. I had some moll in a magna right up my arse yesterday seperating me from my experienced rider mate who was "supervising" me, as well as nearly forcing me out into oncoming traffic. I just aggressively pointed at my L plate, gave her the old two finger salute and the w@nker wave. My mate then caught up and gave her a few colourful gestures too and she soon got the message, silly cow.

    I never realised what tw@ts some car drivers can be till i became a rider eh
  10. Theres no surprise there. Chicks always get harrassed while they ride. From the front, side and behind and it is very dangerous when you have jerks talking to you at the lights.

    Dress like a man :LOL:
  11. I'm in the position where I'm still a new rider, but don't have an L plate to advise other drivers of that. Believe me it's not your L plate that is encouraging this stupid behavior, some drivers are simply reckless with others safety.
  12. I actually did a little experiment on this theory. I wear (wore) all black leathers while riding so it's not really obvious I am a chick (cause you know, I could be a bloke with a real fat ass :wink: ), so I started experimenting with hair tucked into helmet Vs ponytail down my back (I have long blond hair)..... not exactly scientific, but I found that people were more respectful and gave more distance with ponytail out.

    Or maybe QLD drivers are just politer to chicks? :?
  13. Rob, I rarely disagree with you, but in this instance the advice I think is off the mark, other than the comment about leaving space.

    A tailgater either doesn't know what they're doing (in which case they're a danger) or they know what they're doing and don't care. Tapping your brake lights, slowing down without making it easy for them to overtake and any strategy that gets under their skin is likely to annoy and irritate. That's an ok policy if your'e 6ft 2 and 125kg, driving a truck. But to an aggressive or dumb car driver whilst riding a bike, it's a recipe for instant pain. My strategy, as far as I can follow it, is to provide the space for me up front, ignore the car behind as much as I can, maintain a safe and reasonable speed. As soon as it is safe for me to do so, I will let them past. A dangerous driver is safer ahead of me than behind.
  14. This sort of behaviour is designed to intimidate, and it does its job very well.

    Nothing much you can do, other than cracking the throttle and pissing off, or being pragmatic and slowing down until you feel they have an adequate braking distance. ****s will be ****s.
  15. i took off my L plate and my problems disappeared! yes it is illegal, but it worked. my safety is more valuable than a measly fine for no plate.
  16. Hey that's cool mate.

    Which is why i commented that an unconscious tailgater most likely will get the message (that's been my experience) whilst an intimigater (my new word for today) wont and you prolly will irritate them. Trick is to realise which is which - one test is the driver who's willing to sit on your tail no matter what your speed and especially if there's been ample opportunity to pass you - that driver is in a daze and you're leading them. Gesticulating will wake them up... a crazy biker behaving crazily tends to make them weary of you... well, in my non statistical sample size, that's worked for me.

    On this we agree.

    On this we disagree.

    On this we agree - especially the last point... but I don't mind trying to teach the intimigater a lesson if I think I'm in a position to.
  17. But you have been riding for a while....

    On the subject of ignoring, I am referring to casting them out of your mind. I was behind an L plater yesterday with Sgt Scumbag (girl on an FZR250 with another girl on a GSXR xxx - rego CAZ). I stayed behind the girl, maybe 50-100m at all times and waited for a safe time to pass. I noticed that at first she spent a lot of time looking in her mirrors at me and not at the road ahead. A casual glance is all that is needed to know they're there. If you start to focus on them you start spending those precious $ & c's on them and not where you need to be.

    Lastly, no matter how big and boofy you are, 1.25 tonnes of car will always beat 200kg of bike. There's no prize for being dead and right.
  18. You saying I'm big and boofy??? Rightio sunshine! :blackeye: ...:LOL:

    Ok - you'll note I gave LOTS of strategies. A noob can select the one they feel comfortable with. You'll note I wasn't recommending only the retaliatory strategies...

    2nd, IMO you ignore the intimigater behind you at your peril. They will mow you down if you have to hit the brakes hard, since they wont be reacting to the incident you saw first - they'll be reacting to your brake lights or worse, their perception of the closing distance. Soooo, in my book of roadcraft, they need to be "managed" for one's own safety. You can do nothing and hope for the best, or choose a strategy, the least intimidating way is the safest - simply create the space ahead and let them leap frog ahead of you.

    They'll most likely then go on and tailgate the next car. :roll:

    The noob you were following clearly gave you too much unnecessary focus... being the gentleman that you are, no doubt you weren't intimidating or crowding her... she should have just focussed on her riding.

    Actually that raises a good point: :idea: :!: Noobs take note!!! If you're being followed by a bike, just focus on your riding and ride PREDICTABLY. The more experienced rider will take the opportunity to pass if you provide them one or when the opportunity presents. If you're getting crowded, just waive them on with a right boot flicking motion :)

    So, I agree that you're dead right about losing focus if you spend all your attention on your mirrors. That is not good.

    AND, you're dead right about being dead right.

    You see, we still mostly agree :p ...except about the mountain highway =P~=P~
  19. Nah, I'm right on that too! :p
  20. exactly, i would either...
    1. step aside, let him pass
    2. step aside, roll finger, roll throttle
    3. step side, roll behind, ride with some intimidation, next step i'm gonna try to tap his boot with my hand lol