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Do Not Call

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, May 3, 2007.

  1. Finally the Do Not Call Register is up and running, 'twas launched today.

    I've already registered, telemarketers drive me crazy. I'm always very polite though :wink:

    Here's the link ~


  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. In true government style.
  4. Fuzzy, there seems to be a do not register attached with that link :LOL:
    as it cannot find the server!
  5. :rofl:
  6. is it anything like the american one, where the goverment used the list to call people to inform them of changes in the laws? :LOL:
  7. Great! :roll:

    The link just worked for me.... then it didn't :cry: The site did say that they were experiencing a high level of traffic or some such thing, so it's probably having a little hissy fit.

    Lucky I got in early.... :grin:

    Don't give up, peoples! The telemarketers never do.

    PS: Good one, nixon-chic :wink:
  8. There is a database that these parasites use to harass you.

    I phoned it back in 1998 and removed my number from it. I have not had a call since.
  9. Vic, care to share the name of that database or is it just telstra/sensis whatever they are calling themselves these days?

    ps: haha fuzz! ;)

    edit: UPDATE - I just got through on the site :)
  10. Thanks a million...all done and dusted, now lets see if it actually stops the mongrels...
  11. I don't know it Heather. It was 1998

    I went bananas at the telemarketer that called me and they gave me the number. Sorry
  12. Oh crap! "Registering your number on the Do Not Call Register will not stop all calls to your number. There are some limited exemptions which enable certain public interest organisations to make telemarketing calls. Exempt organisations include charities, religious organisations, educational institutions and political parties."
  13. What a bollocks! Most of the calls I get are charities. They seem to get even more indignant than the phone companies when you tell them to piss off.
  14. :LOL: its all a conspiracy, now we will probably get calls about being on this register & reminder calls when registration expires.

  15. Prior to 1998 I used to ask the caller to hang on a second, walk over to the tv and place the phone on top and walk away :grin:
  16. Ahh..see, this makes them call you more often.

    All these calls are based on how long you're on the phone to them. The longer you're on the phone, the more of a better candidate they think you are, so the more they'll call you.

    If you're on the phone for a long time, as they don't record the calls as such, they'll think that you're actually interested in what they're selling.

    The quicker you hang up the better :)

    So my boss says...and I"m a bit tipsy so don't take what I say as gospel :tantrum: :beer: :dance:
  17. We used to get heaps of calls back in our old house, but I haven't had a single one at my flat thankfully.
  18. Meanwhile, in 5 months, I've had many a call....literally like FOUR being NON telemarketers :p
  19. I really can't see how this will work anyway. Do you really think that the companies in India will go thru this list and revise there list accordingly!

    If they still call numbers on the registry, what will happen. They get a fine from Australia - they just don't pay it and continue business as usual!

    Hope I'm wrong, but I really cant see how they will enforce it?