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Do non-riders ask you..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cruisee73, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. When Im walking into work etc with the gear people invariably ask me what I ride. I notice that unless you said a Harley they'd have no idea what Im talking about. So I've taken to answering differently to see if anyone catches me out.

    Last week I was the proud rider of an Ducati Cacciatore. Nothing.

    This morning in the lift, before even asked I stated that traffic was bad on the way in but fortunately my Daishitsu STR with the added direct injected felch housing got me through the jams with ease. Still nothing. Gunna have to ramp it up...maybe assless chaps tomorrow.
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  2. does Draggin make assless chaps?

    well the people that have the BRAND of bike written all over them wont have anyone asking.

    i find that HARLEY riders like to advertise the fact that they got one. helmets, jackets, pants, belts....
  3. I only get bikers ask me what I ride. People that don't ride just don't appear to care.
    I do like the sound of your plan though. Make sure you include a flux capacitor in your description in a few days time. :LOL:
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  4. I say "i ride a 250... but it's a really big 250" and they are like "Ohhh yeahhhhh....!"

    Before that i said "I ride a 400 but it's not really a 400 it's actually more like a 600" and they are like "ohhh yeahhh....!"

    I usually quantify how good my bike is with a phrase like "oh it's a piece of shit".

    Generally, no matter who they are or what they do, if they see a bike they say "nice bike".
  5. I went for a coffee downstairs from work the other day - still with gear on. Young chicky in there making my coffee is all excited telling me she wants to get her learners etc. She asks me what I ride and if its parked out front, to which I reply "a Street Triple". "Oh" she says looking disappointed, "I really want a Triumph". /facepalm
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  6. Let's face it, the average Joe (or Josephine) knows nothing about bikes except that some are red (Ducatis) and all are loud (Harleys).....
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  7. Classic. I suppose they're just trying to make polite small talk with the large bearded textile clad man with scary sunnies who's face is still stuck in "brace for impact" after surviving Sydney commuter traffic.

    My other response in the cafe when a colleague asked what I ride as I stand there with gear and helmet is "I dont. Im just a really paranoid volvo driver".

    Come to think of it she doesn't email me jokes anymore these days.

    We are an unknown quantity to most driver i suppose. We're either scary or just plain mad being out on those "dangerous" things in traffic.
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  8. Someone told me that the average Harley owner spends $15-$25K on aftermarket bling and leather and tassles and eagle motifs etc. Amazing.
  9. Not as such but they do turn out that way if you fall off at a decent clip in a pair of their normal product.
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  10. I ride into work a couple of times a week AND park my bike right outside the office front door, so people nearly have to fall over it to get inside. I have my helmet beside my chair, and my jacket draped over the chair. I even stand beside my bike putting my gear on as they all walk past me to go home. Sitting around at tea break a while back, I was talking about a ride I was going to do and one of the girls said that's a long ride to do on a pushbike. When I said it was on my motorbike she told me she had no idea I rode a bike even though she has worked with me for 10 months.
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  11. :rofl:

    That amazing, I can almost visualise that, thanks for the laugh.
  12. I've been known to ride a Hirohito Kamikazi from time to time but my dream bike is a Harley Fireblade.
  13. She sounds perfect *angry feminist flame suit on* lol :p.

    Just come in tomorrow and tell her that you swapped your STriple bike and bought a Triumph. Compliment her on how good her suggestion have been.......let her sit on your new Triumph and make vrom vrom noises......then get her number just in case she needs tips on her L's ;).
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  14. A friend of mine did............when his bike arrive he had the Harley dealership order all the blings from America and new paint and everything....................even before sitting on the bike.

    Some people just have too much money.........at least its better than spending $25k on the pokies.
  15. My wife used to work for a HD/Buell/Aprilia/Polaris dealership. Thanks to the HD owners her bonuses made her buying a Ducati just that much easier.

    Most owners spent between $3000 and $5000 on parts, accessories and clothing before the bike is even delivered to the dealership. There was one bloke who spent and extra $20,000 turning his Electra Glide Standard into an Electra Glide Ultra. He would have saved at least 10 grand had he simply bought the Ultra. His reasoning was that there wasn't another 'standard' like his.

    You talk about non riders not knowing about bikes. The salesman (yes the bloke who sold the bikes) had no idea if it wasn't a Harley. My wife told me once that a bloke came in looking at an Aprilia Tuono. The salesman marched up to him, asked him what he owned now. The bloke said "A VFR800". The salesman said, "Oh, who makes them?"](*,). The customer didn't say anything and just walked out.
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  16. She probably would be were I a lesbian
  17. I usually just get asked in the lift what my camera or Bluetooth is on the side of my helmet. Or...they say I must have been freezing cold riding in.
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  18. I LOVE it. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to join the ranks (very thin ranks) of the Ducati Cacciatore owners next time somebody asks me!!!!
  19. I think its funny when I'm wearing full gear, and people ask me if i ride a motorbike. Sometimes its almost like they expect me to say no, I'm just doing it to be cool.
  20. I had a coworker ask what I ride (back in 2010) and I replied with "eh it's just a hyosung" and they went on about how it was the coolest bike ever etc. I didn't know what to feel.