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Do Motorcycle riders make better drivers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Firestorm, Aug 11, 2006.


Do motorcyclists make better car drivers?

Poll closed Apr 23, 2013.
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  1. Hey guys and girls,

    This was a discussion I had with a mixed group of 6 people, two of us were riders, the other four were drivers (car) only. The question was does a bike rider make a better driver? ie: more alert and aware of their surroundings, not just bikes but other people/traffic on the road. I thought I would start a poll as it would be interesting to get a opinion base (somewhat biased :p ). But I will find it interesting none the less. I, my fellow rider and one driver from the night believe that we do, but the others weren't so sure. The 3 remaining car drivers believed that when we get in the cage we become just as absent minded as the rest of the drivers because we are safer with the cage around us. This was after a couple of our 'horror stories' where people don't see us or just don't give a s***. So please, let me know your opinion.

    Happy and safe riding,

    Firestorm. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. At least many bike riders when driving cages tend to turn their heads before changing lanes to the left.

    I don't think it's so much a case of it being a rider makes you a better driver.
    I think it's more about how professional you are doing either. Riders probably are better car drivers simply because they are more aware that any slight deviation on the bike can result in a get off. And that carries over to their car driving.

    The main thing car drivers need to learn is to be MORE CAREFUL.
    Change lanes slower, don't just swerve over.
    Don't creep forwards when turning at intersections.
    Leave more space between your car and the car in front.
    Things they are taught when learning to drive and completly ignore as soon as they have passed their driving test.

    Riders have to be better than the average car driver...simply because there are so many AVERAGE car drivers on the road. (As opposed to good car drivers.)

    I have yet to meet ANYONE who confesses to being a bad driver....strange, you'd think you would meet hundreds of people who admitted to it hey?
    I ride amongst enough of them every day.
  3. Riders are more aware of potential hazards I feel. We are more road observant, more aware of whats going on around us and what the traffic is doing. If we're not then we're a Darwin Award waitin to happen !!
    However i'd like to say that as a Pom in Oz - you're drivers are much more laid back than ours that try to kill us at every available opportunity !!! :shock:
  4. I found UK drivers were much better than Aussie drivers mate.
    Simply because they are so much more used to having lots of bikes on the roads.
    You haven't moved to Sydney have you?
    Everyone in Perth is much more laid back full stop. :LOL:
    Sydney roads are a nightmare for riders during peak hour.
  5. Lol - you wanna try it anywhere south of watford gap - they have a plan to kill all motorcylicsts regardless here. Worse in the last 3 years. In fact they even shot a couple on the motorway ( freeway) last year !!!!
  6. I seriously doubt they have a plan to kill all motorcyclists, even though it might seem that way. :LOL:
    I am extremely familiar with living and riding in the UK, I was born and raised in Portsmouth.
    Everyone feels their country or area is the worst for cars vs bikes.
    LA folk love to boast they have the worst traffic in the world, but really it's no worse than London, Rome, Paris or Sydney at peak times.
    They have actually have wider lanes, so I don't see they need to complain at all. :LOL:
    As I said, UK drivers are more used to having lots of bikes travelling on the roads. Therefore they "think bike" a little more. You won't see anywhere near the number of bikes here.
    As I have told people before...you will see more bikes at Box Hill on a Sat or Sun than you ever will here at a popular weekend riding spot.

    Are you in Perth/WA yet?
    It's very quiet compared to Sydney and Melbourne.
    Full of ex-pat Brits also. :LOL:

    Sorry to hiJaq ya thread here...please carry on. :LOL:
  7. YES, but only in the respect that they are more aware of motorcyclists who are the most IMPORTANT people on the road (to me) :LOL:
  8. I think it does, because you are a lot more aware of potential hazards & those dickhead drivers around you.

    I certainly noticed a change in my BF's driving when he got his bike licence (he got his before I got mine)
  9. Everything

    +1 on that.
    But I think bike riders are more aware of everything....other traffic...road conditions...dangers...weather conditions.. etc..etc
    Cage drivers live inside their insulated little cocoon, heater on..four wheels on the road. They're not as vulnerable. Bike riders DO make better car drivers.
  10. Riding a bike makes you more alert. Even when I am a passenger I still check people blind spots, make sure the road is clear before they turn onto it etc ... maybe I'm just a control freak. :?
  11. it'll make you a more aware driver.
  12. Re: Do Motorcycle riders make better drivers? (poll question

    As much as I hate to admit it, both based on myself and comments gleaned from fellow riders during the same sort of dinner conversation I'd agree with the those three.
  13. Correct, and if you have, or do drive a truck as well then you are more aware again. It is having the understanding of the other road users that makes you better on the road. If the other road users understood what it was like to be a motorcyclist and/or a truck driver they would have more appreciation of the dangers associated. (and then in all honesty, probably be more likely to exploit them as well :roll: )
  14. +1

    Mrs. Tone complains that since I started riding, I've become TOO aware and overly cautious.

    Ironically enough, I find I have more problems with cagers cutting me off, not seeing me etc when I'm in the Mrs' cage than I do when I'm on the scoot!

    The funniest thing was when I dropped Mrs Tone's cage into the dealer for a service recently. They gave me a demo CR-V as a loan car, and the number of people cutting me off and being w@nkers towards me increased tenfold. I couldn't figure out why that was, until I remembered I was driving a 4WD. That said, I didn't blame any of my fellow motorists for cutting me off - I kinda deserved it for driving one of those things in the first place!
  15. It can't make you a worse driver...

    I do think it will make you more aware of motorcyclists etc. I check blind spots much more frequently.

    However, there is the side effect of when a bike is coming up to me I now want to have a look and figure out a) what type of bike and b) if I may know the rider. so that could be a down side... :)
  16. I think a bike rider may be more aware of the weather and traction conditions of the road.
  17. I'm sure in general it does make us more aware of what's going on around us, more prone to shoulder checking and just being awake. It can sometimes make us drive a bit more radically though: not me so much, but I had a mate who rode a ZZR1100 and then was incredibly impatient with the inadequacies of the Mazda 121 bubble car he drove and thrashed the living crap out of it trying to get some performance!
  18. I got my car license in 1968, and my bike license in 1974, so it's a bit of a 'chicken and egg' argument really.
    But I agree with most posters that riding does make you a more 'aware' driver. That said I confess to once or twice not seeing fast-closing motorcyles on lane-change manoeuvres over the years. Whether that was a factor of their speed or my inattention I couldn't say...
  19. Not at all Paul. Fast moving motorbikes ARE hard to pick up when behind you in traffic, which is something I'm sure a few people on these forums should bear in mind.
    I have quite a few times had the experience in teh car where I have seen a motorcyclist in teh far distance in the mirrors, and have looked again to find them not there. Then I have to try and find them again in one of the mirrors. I have always turned my head when driving a car to check what's beside me when changing lanes, I just always need to know where passing/ approaching vehicles are relative to me.
    Even before I rode bikes I always felt a need to know where bikes are, due to teh habit of some bike riders of darting in and out of moving traffic.
    I know many, many drivers do not look when changing lanes etc, but I also know that some motorbike riders do cause tricky situations for themselves. Any large difference in speeds of moving vehicles in traffic is a potentially dangerous situation and less observant drivers may lose teh bike in their mirrors and then assuem it's not a potential threat any more........consider this, you are gong 20 km/h faster than teh traffic, someone doesn't see you coming up behind them, whether it be due to your bike being masked by another car between you and them or whatever. Then you go whizzing by at 20 km/h relative to them. It doesn't leave much time to register the motorbike as a target, and if you missed it in teh mirrors, and turned to change lanes, in the second or two between turning back and starting the lane change, the bike has covered a LOT of distance.
    What I am saying is yes, motorbike riders are probably more aware than car drivers, but we also do tend to put ourselves in slightly more hazardous situations sometimes, due to teh bike's manouverability and rapid acceleration. If you are going to use both these bike assets, you have to expect issues with vehicles that don't have the same abilities, and drivers who do not know that bikes do what they do.
    As for motorbiek riders having better car driving skills, doubt it. Different set of skills entirely.
    I actually think being a truck driver makes you a very good driver, you HAVE to know what's around you, and be aware of things behind you always. You also have to plan ahead, which helps.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. No we dont... cos we ride the bike too much and forget how to drive a car ;) :LOL: