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Do most riders wear shin/knee guards

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Masakali, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering what % of riders use MX style shin/knee guards under their kevlars?

    Reason I'm asking, was that they sell these as MX gear and not really road gear in the shops. Just curious on what the uptake on these were like? Or do most people settle for Tak's jeans with the built in knee protectors...

    I have a pair anyway and will continue to wear them on my daily commute, but these are by far the most annoying of my gear.

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  3. I don't bother for commuting, which is probably where I'm most likely to need them, but they go on under the my jeans if I'm going for a ride. My leathers (as most do),have built in armour.
  4. I wear knee pads under my kevlars, they have elastic bands at the top to help hold them on your leg, and after a while it digs in and starts getting a bit painful but I'm much rather that than hitting my unprotected knees on the road if things go pear shaped.
  5. The only time I've worn shin guards was playing soccer or hockey. Never on the bike. Never worn knee guards either.

    The vast majority of riders I know personally don't wear shin/knee guards of any description. Of those that do, it's certainly not everytime they're on the bike.
  6. I only wear shin/knee guards while chasing chooks through the bush.
  7. Hmmmm interesting, seems like a-lot less uptake than I imagined.

    How well do the knee guards that come with Tak jeans hold up? I'd imagine they would move around too much to be of any help in an incident?
  8. I had the same problem with the guards I wear under my leathers. Cheap pair of K mart compression tights cured it.
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  9. nope .. rely on the kevlar for day to day riding
  10. I always wear knee guards when I'm on the bike. The last time I fell off a bike my knee got scraped so bad I could see my knee cap.
  11. My draggin jeans have padding in the knees and hips, but I do not use any separate or additional guardsfor my legs. Well, boots but that's a different thing I guess.
  12. most full bike boots cover most of the shin, so the all in one knee/shin combo things don't really work, better for those who just ride in nikes or what ever
  13. i always wear them.
    have smashed my legs to pieces on bikes.
    my house is full of old crutches and walking aids. shower stool etc.
    even if there was'nt bikes parked out front. kinda obvious the occupants ride.

    but then, some are quick and easy to slip on and of. others are as mentioned, a PITA, though they are the better ones
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  15. they are of the type that will fit into full length boots. shin plate not so long. about where the bottom strap is, would be just inside the top of your boot.
    they seem to offer more generous coverage than most. only concern would be how well they articulate at the knee.
    note how the old style is double hinged with a full floating knee http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=9748

    would want to try them on first.

    some types have side snaps for the velcro straps, so you only have to adjust the velcro once for fit. much more convenient.
    this sort of thing http://ridersdiscount.com/offroad-gear/protection-adult/129470.php

    theres many different types, but need to try them out. have bought stuff before i don't like and won't use. i hate anything with a neoprene sleeve.

    the other advantage of them is like having portable fairings in winter. keep the cold air of your legs.
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  16. I have just knee protectors. Made of some kind of nylon. Won't help a lot with impact, but given that the road takes a big toll on knees, I think they are worth it. I have them, but in my situation, I'm usually in leathers.
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  18. I have a pair of Fox Knee/Shin guards with the velcro strap around the top and bottom.
    They fit nicely under my kevlars and the shin part tucks nicely into the top of my boot.

    Don't wear them for general commuting, but will wear them if i go for a ride.
    Now that i've upgraded to the Gixxer though, i'll probably be looking into getting a decent set of leathers.