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Do mods do damage to your bike?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Been looking at putting a full exhaust system on my bike. Either an akra or two brothers havent decided yet. Just woundering if mods can do damage to the bike. Not looking at doing alot of mods just heard if you get a full exhaust your likly to need an ECIII and air filter and remap. Sounds like there could be a few changes being made to the bike. Is all this likley to cause damage down the track or are these basic mods ok and not risky?

  2. ...well let me ride it and we'll find out. ...ok, bad mod joke there.

    In short the answer is, No, not if done right.
  3. beat me to it :LOL:
  4. the problem with modifying the airflow through a motor, especially a fuel injected bike (running rpm v's tps only fuel mapping), can cause mixture problems.

    since some bikes are tuned to pass EPA testing at certain rpm/throttle position/speeds, they can be tuned lean in spots. ad an exhaust, air filter, etc, and you've changed the way air flows through the motor. you could have areas where it's running dog rich, or very lean and mean!

    running rich wont usually pose any major problems... usually. running lean IS a concern.

    fit the exhaust you want, and then get it put on a dyno for a check of the air/fuel ratios at all rpm/throttle positions... not just wide open. you'll then know if it NEEDS a tune.

    FWIW - my 04 R1 with slip ons, air filter and velocity stacks, doesn't require a tune as it's running only about 10-15% richer than "ideal". but a PC3 has been fitted, and a tune will be done in a couple weeks to make it spot on.