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Do many cruisers come with ABS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by powinc, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Do many cruisers come with ABS?

    It seems like a handy feature to have for the novice rider.
  2. Hi,
    not many that I know of, you'd have to do a search on each manufacturer.
    I don't know any with ABS that are LAM's approved.
  3. Trumpy Thunderbird LT has ABS....I've not triggered it yet but I'm assured its there....probably worth trying it out before finding out the hard way ;-)
  4. I don't need LAMS bike, so I was looking at getting a nice cruiser/tourer around the 600-900cc range.
  5. Some of the newer models (Yamaha's, Harley) have come only just come out with ABS. I think the technology is only reasonable new with the cruisers...but don't quote me on that.
  6. Cruiser riders are just out for a cruise not a hoon. No need for ABS.
  7. You may have been kidding but seriously, you do want to try it out first.
  8. Nope...wasn't kidding...really do need to trigger it in controlled situation
  9. There is quite a few around then. Triumph, Harley, Honda, Suzuki. Mostly on the larger models but you might find one below 1 litre.
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  10. The r1200c had its as an option back in 2000.
  11. We cruiser riders are generally fat bastards, we don't have abs.
  12. Sure you do..............................

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  13. I stand erected!

    I have Abs...under 8 inches of blubbery flab!
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  14. Geelong's big boss, Darryn Lyons:

    Source: HeraldSun

    Lyons has undergone a surgical procedure known as "contouring", which gives the illusion of a stomach you could grate cheese on.

    "I had to get really fit and lose a fair bit of weight. It takes away all the fat around it and actually lets your natural abs be there," he told a fellow housemate on Celebrity Big Brother.

    "Basically it's the male version of a boob job."

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  15. For you guys that dont seem to know, it is a....b....s which stands for assisted braking service. Its got nothing to do with abdominal muscles, please stop posting your shirtless men here, no one wants to see it.

  16. Guessing prefect/best boy/hall monitor during teens
  17. All Harleys (including the 883 Sportster) have ABS. Not that they will stop any time soon (I'm sure the brakes are there for show only - I just did a demo day on Saturday).

    I believe the Yamaha Bolt is available with ABS but I am not sure if that is available in Australia (the website page is rubbish). VN900 etc don't appear to be.
  18. Nope, no ABS option on Bolt's in Australia yet. You can get ABS on them in Europe, but it seems Yamaha and Suzuki can't be @rsed bringing out cruisers with ABS here, not even as an extra cost option. That goes for most of their supersports and nakeds too. They're dragging their feet down under for some reason.

    Don't think so, only the 1700 and the forthcoming 650 have ABS so far. Still, it's more than Yamaha or Suzuki are offering. It's odd to think of Trumpet and Harley outpacing the Japanese in the use of tech on bikes, but there it is.
  19. . Thunderbird commander has ABS
  20. The Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 has ABS, but I don't think 900 has.