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Do it yourself

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Questions recently about putting a motor on a bicycle reminded me of the phenomenon of home-brew bikes (and pretty much everything else) in communist Cuba.

    Since the imposing of the American trade blockade not long after the Castro revolution, Cubans have been forced to use, and re-use AND re-use vehicles. Photos of the streets show them full of late-fifties yank iron that has been refurbished 10 or more times to keep it running.

    Not surprisingly this same culture also applies to two wheeled devices; it even has a name. It's called riquimbili.

    You can read all aout it and see some amazing examples of the art here


    Note the rocket-powered (?) device!!!
  2. Saw a doco a little while back on the cars of Cuba and many of them are well past the refurbishing stage. A lot of them now are still using the original bodyshell but the engine has long since been replaced by a cheap 4-cylinder sourced from Russia. Also scary that even things like brake fluid are hard to get and/or expensive - most of the locals were using shampoo instead :shock:.
  3. That's what they got for annoying the Yanks.
  4. did you know cubans have the best health care system in the world..must be all those recycled body parts.. :grin:
  5. With all the rum and cigars they probably need it too :LOL: .
  6. Better enginuity than a Harley :p
  7. i got a thing from email cash yesterday that said 'fly to London and recieve a free leg' i was thinking of takeing them up on the offer, i've always wanted 3 legs :rofl:
    i'm jake the peg, didle, didle, didle, dum.