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Do it yourself Helmet Graphics

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Guest, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. does anyone know how i can get very simple graphics (ie: two white strips) put on my helmet?

  2. I'll lend you some white electrical tape??

    Or a white out pen??
  3. Actually, I'd be interested in knowing about this too. I'm not a big fan of all these busy helmet graphics so foing some simple ones would be nice. The only downside would be trying to apply a clear coat that doesn't damage the helmet.
  4. arnet a lot of helmets thes days biult so the outside layer is just decoration...ie all the important safely is in the foam/whatever inside? if so it shouldn't be a problem covering it.

    Of course i could be completedly wrong and half way up a well known creek with no propulsion device!
  5. There are a few people who paint them as a living , you can get some cheap work done , it does not have to be over priced . I use Luke from La Design's. His work is great.
  6. they both play a very important role. the foam is what absorbs the impact, but its useless without a strong shell to stop it from falling apart. some substances can degrade the strength of the shell or the foam or both.

    but yeah, NFI what stuff doesn't cause probs, be interesting to know....
  7. http://www.cyclegraphics.com.au/

    I've got the aussie flag ones on my helmet & on the bike.

    Reusable, so I'm about to take them off my old helmet and put them on my new one.

    Look great on the helmet. Even up close look to be part of the helmet itself.

    And for the cost, much cheaper than buying a graphic painted helmet.
  8. pusher. :LOL:
  9. Just a word of warning - putting decals or repainting a helmet will actually make the AS1698 rating for the helmet void (and actually illegal to use in Australia). Supposedly glues etc. will possibly cause the outer layer to deteriorate.

    With that said I do not know to what degree it will affect the safety elements of the helmet. Further, I have never heard of anyone being asked to show that their helmet complies.
  10. thanks everyone for your help
  11. Why not use some white reflective tape for your GT stripes. Adds a bit of safety as well for night time.