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Do it pirate style!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by es, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. I have a sore eye. Im going to see my doc in an hour and hopefully [-o< she will give me an eye patch to wear so I can be a super cool pirate!!!
    so I ask you, most enlightened ones;

    Is t' age o' piracy and chivilry over

    Is t' time o' Have NOT Of gone
    Are eye patches uncool and unfashionable (ie be I a loser for wantin' one)

    Is thar a way that I can trick someone into givin' me an eye patch??? I want t' be cool like Pirate Pete!!! I think I still have a bandana round here somewhere, and a ruffled silk shirt. might have t' substitute somethin' inferior like draggins for t' pants unfortunatly.

    Should I get a full time job

    Is thar a particular reason t' pirates went underground

    watch your gold covered chocoalte doubloons landlubbers! Mad Eswen the Rough is about!
  2. Global warming is cause theres no pirates anymore.



  3. Yes, Yes you should.. I mean arrgh ya shoud shiver me timbers matey
  4. I can't help ye much with yer eye, lassie, but if ye be wantin' yer leg amputated, I got a Black and Decker 10" saw in me cabin, arrrrrrr
  5. Although most people pronounce it as "could of" the correct spelling is actually "could've", it's an abbreviation of "could have" though I don't think Pirates would've been too worried about correct grammar.
  6. Nah, most of them would have sold their grammars (and their grampas too) for a few pieces of 8... :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Ever heard the story about the dwarf who was a doctor?
    His solution to every problem was to amputate it. Then one day, this guy came in and he had a sore head....

    yeah I know jd... Its just I hate that particuar error with a passion!!!!
  8. Eswen,

    Please not be ridin' yon motor-sickle with ye havin' only one aye. Ye not be a judgin' ye depth o'field too good now, and be a hittin' yon vehicle in front, or seriously messin' up ye turnin'.

    Amanda Commanda
  9. Arrrrr, ye best be learnin' yer contractions from yer abbreviations matey, lest ye be walkin' the plank... arrrrr :)

    edit: more piratised
  10. Actually, real pirates still exist off the cost of Indonesia and throughout South-East Asia. They aren't as cool as they used to be, using speed boats and machine guns to attack affluent looking cruising yatchs making the trip to Australia. My dad is a boat builder and I helped him repair bullet holes on a 50' yatch that was really lucky to make it here.

    Scary stuff. I don't think you can call parley with them either...
  11. she took alot of convincing to give me an eye patch :(
  12. eswen: my eye ball hurts, i need an eye patch
    doc: just stop scratching it
    eswen: but i went all this way wanting to get an eye patch
    doc: it sounds like you need another type of doctor

    /doc gives eswen eye patch walking away slowly

  13. It was more like:
    Eswen: I need a cool eye patch
    Doc:.... why?
    Eswen: because Im a pirate! Arg!
    Doc: ...

    ... again, why do you need an eye patch?
    Es: ... I have an eye infection?
    D: ok let me see... yep you have, heres a prescription for some eye drops.
    Es: *puppy dog eyes*
    D: Ok ok. You can have an eye patch.

    Only then I left it at the real estate agents :( ooops.
    I think I have one around here somewhere already though.
  14. Haven't you got exams you should be studying for?
    Back to your books girl.
  15. At first I was afraid, I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never pass without my revision guide
    But then I spent so many nights, getting all the questions wrong,
    And I grew strong, and I learned I could scrape along.

    I wont look back, to any place
    When I can munch eleven mars bars and still have leftover space
    I would have revised by the clock, I would have had no spare time free
    If I'd have thought for just one second my exams would bother me.

    So all my notes, are on the floor
    Don’t even matter.... that there's no rock night anymore
    Weren't you the one, who tried to get me to revise?
    You think I'd crumble?
    You think I'd work towards the skies?

    Oh no, not I, I wont revise
    Unless I die of party-ing, I know I'll stay alive.
    Though my money's at an end
    I've my overdraft to spend

    I wont revise, I wont revise.

    It took all the strength I had, not to act the part,
    But in the end my real revision didn't even start.
    I used to sit at home at night, feeling guilty to myself,
    I used to try, but now I hold my head up high.

    And you see me! Somebody new!
    I'm not that mixed up weird bloke who wants a good 2:2
    So if you feel like dropping in, chances are that I'll be free,
    Coz i've so done no revision, and i'm failing my degree!

    Oh no not I, I wont revise.
    I think that I may scrape a third, but I could be telling lies.
    Let the lecturers all storm, My bed's far too nice and warm,
    I wont revise I wont revise.
  16. aww, smee, talking all piratey is much more fun than study!!!!
  17. *applause*
  18. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Nice thread eswen, again

  19. :LOL: *bows* I didnt think it was that great :p