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Do i want a dedicated track bike?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Conny!, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Recently i stacked my VFR750 and wrote it off. Conditions were wet and ugly, but i've thought about it and a lot of things out of my control could have caused the incident to be a lot worse. Before i was gung ho, and rode my bike in all sorts of conditions - ever had your boots submerged..... on a road bike - Anyway, i've grown out of that, but i would still love to ride

    I have been considering trying to get a busted bike from auctions and fixing it up to solely have a track bike. I've ridden on the track once, on a bike that wasn't mine and loved, not especially good at it, but loved it.

    Basically comes down to finances, i was wondering if people had been down this road before, and what i should expect.

    Alternatively i buy an older supersports and have it registered, then won't need a trailer.

    My insurance money is on the way... should it go to a massive TV like my family wants? Or should i pony up and have a sweet bike.
  2. go the bike!

    you will sleep on the couch for a month but one track day and it will be worth it :grin:
  3. And if you DO get a dedicated bike, please make sure that it is sincere as well :LOL:.
  4. Go the bike. You'll get more fun outta being a part of track days than watching them on a big screen. :grin:
  5. Make sure that you get a bike that respects you in the morning
  6. Thats pretty much what i had in mind. So $4K can get you a serviceable, modern mid size sports bike, eh?

    Then the rest. I've got tools to do services and things, but fabrication is probably out of my league.

    How hard was it getting it approved for the track day. i.e. if the frame is suspect....
  7. Surely you would be able to find something which is structurally sound?

    Would you want to buy something with a bent chassis when I'm sure there are plenty of good bikes out there with just cosmetic and other easily repairable damage.
  8. Conny! Mate, let me tell you a sad and sorry tale.

    I love track days.

    I used my own bike on track days - but there were only say 10 a year or so...

    I had the opportunity to buy a zx6r late 90's track bike for $3k and didn't.


    That's the excess for hiring bikes at CSBS.... :(

    I figured it was a huge luxury.....

    Then I stacked my bike :(

    ...And I bought a track bike by default... 3 times the cost... :( :(

    If you can afford it, and you reeeeallly wanna do track days... get a dedicated and sincere bike.

    Thus ends the story.

  9. track bike

    Conny my story ride a gsx1400 on the road with wife for $4000 bought myself a zx6r on the aussie super bike site a trackie ready to go Ive done 5 days it has not missed a beat.
  10. Best way is to go to a crash auction and get a sportsbike that is a write-off due to scraping on the frame.
    Even though this makes no difference to the bike, they can never be re-registered on the road again.
    These bikes are basement priced!!! :grin:
    Just buy some glass race fairing sets (about $600 bucks) and a set of slicks.
    You will of course need to trailer it to the track.

    But a Gixxer 1000 05 ish model should be got for about $4500.
    Fairings and bits $1000.
    Re-tuning / dyno etc. $500.
    Sundries $500.
    About $6.5 to 7.5k for later model serious race bike
  11. If you think you want a track bike... BUY ONE. :twisted:
  12. We all agree. Track bike tomorrow. No further discussion required
  13. +1 on the above. I bought a wrecked SV650 for less than $4k (06 model, 3500 km on the clock, only cosmetic damage...) and have spent about $2k on turning it into a fully fledged race bike. You could turn it into a track bike for a good bit less.

    If you got a 650 twin (SV, ER6, HYo GT650) you could then decide to take up entry level racing when the track bug bit you too hard :)
  14. Good. Now go racing with the thing. cejay needs other blokes to run against.
  15. Unless you are fast enough, slicks are a waste of time, because you won't be able to get enough heat into them to make them work properly. If the supersport guys can run road tyres and do the times they do, then most of us don't need slicks!
  16. I disagree.

    For starters, any retard with even half a testicle can keep a set of slicks in operating temperature. I should know.

    Secondly, there's no need to put yourself closer to the ragged edge just for the sake of it. For an amateur to be doing a certain lap time, they are at many points around the track pushing their tyres well above what a pro would require to do the same or even a quicker laptime. Sure, you can roll around on the road tyres losing front end after back end after front end until you're a perfect rider, but why not have some progressive and sticky slicks to give more feedback and avoid more than a few crashes, all the while introducing you to being a quicker rider?

    Get some warmers though. It'll reduce the heat cycles you put your slicks through and let you get stuck straight into it.

    Oh yeah, +1 get a track bike. :grin:
  17. Go a track bike.

    A mate of mine just bought a 98 ZX7r off ebay for $3100 & it is awesome bike for track days. low km's, tuned pipe, ebc pads & braided lines etc etc.

    If you look around hard enough you'll find a bargain, and have a great track bike, and it won't matter to much if you drop it too.
  18. get the television!

    * blink *

    doesn't quite have the same ring as "get the track bike", does it? Think about it ...
  19. I decided I could not afford to bin my road bike at the track so decided to get a dedicated track bike.. actually it was more that if i binned the road bike it would cost me the same as the cost i could get a dedicated track bike for. Maybe try and get a bike that can still be registered and can do both as you mention.
    Anyway the point of my poost was that you should also try this place as i got mine from there at a very good price.