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Do I take the spare?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Greydog, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Here's a quick question for all you experienced travellers out there. I'm shortly taking the bike to Tassie for a few days.

    My question: Do I take the spare key to the bike and, if I do, where is the best place to keep it? I only have two keys - the original is the spare, and one I had cut which I use regularly.

    See, nice and simple.
  2. if you are with someone else, you could swap spare keys and keep them on your key rings.
  3. I wouldn't. You dont take your spare car keys everywhere with you. If you're worried, give it to someone who can post it straight to you. You would have it the next day.
  4. No, I'm alone, at least on the way over.
  5. I would take one. It is the difference between continuing your trip or ****ing up your holiday i reckon.

    Does your jacket have a zip up small pocket on the inside?
    There is a good spot for the spare key.
  6. It does, but that's where I put my phone so it gets opened a lot. My backpack has a keyring in it - maybe that's an idea.

    If I take the spare with me, I should probably get another cut, rather than take the only original I have. My only issue is that I'd have to find a locksmith as those key cutting places don't cut them dammit.
  7. Exactly this (y)
  8. some jackets have an extra pocket about nipple height. just a small one with a zip on it that is perfect for a spare key.
    do you have one of those?
    ..the pocket not the nipple that is.
  9. Oh, they will, as long as they're worth their own weight in salt - just make sure you have a blank to give to them.
  10. I took a SINGLE key with me on my trip, the spare was at home, in a known place to despatch to me if needed.

    I wore a lanyard and whenever i took the key out of the bike, CLICK it went on the lanyard, not in a pocket, or a bedroll or similar.


    it never failed, I knew where my key was all the time.
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  11. THAT'S an idea I'll take up. Thanks. I happen to have a lanyard I can lay my hands on too.
  12. In your wallet if you do take a spare. But make sure you get a 3rd key cut and leave it at home - in a hidden but known place and not hung on a key hook.
  13. *snork* All our keys are on a key hook. Otherwise we'd never be able to find them LOL.

    Yes, I know it's asking for trouble, but can't protect against everything.
  14. GD I always carry a spare key, and don't believe that if you lose your key in Upper Fumbucker East in the middle of bloody Taswegia that you will have a key next day cause you wont.

    I have a combination lock attached to the bike frame with a spare key on it, I had to drill a bigger hole in the key but it works for me, have had to use the "hidden" key once in 15yrs, but that one time saved me being stuck up at Tawonga Gap.

    If you're interested, I stupidly put my keys on the rail while I took a pic of the view ... nearly dropped the camera but in saving it I knocked my keys and they took the plunge of the Gap never to be seen again.

  15. What he said. Or as suggested elsewhere, on a lanyard. Been caught once with the key left under the seat......never again, especially in the middle of winter at 9-30pm, two hours from home! FWIW, I always carry a spare key in my jacket, but i like the lanyard idea =D>
  16. Has it got an ignition security system ?? If so write down the code if you have it.
    Should be on a tag on the primary key. If not go see a good locksmith and get the ECU ignition security code and the keys cut code. Put it in your phone and write it down on a card and put it in your wallet.
    Least you can get one cut and coded at any good locksmith anywhere then. It's everything they need to cut a new key and code it to your bike.
    We all should do it. But it's not gunna happen right ?? lol. Cost me $700 squid last time
  17. If i was you i would duct tape it to back side of the number plate, i have my doubts someone is going to unscrew your number plate to look for your spare key there and you will always have it with you, just carry a screw driver in your backpack/pannier etc.

    100% take the key with you though, your wont get it next day if you lose it despite what auspost tells you, and what are you going to do if you lose it on say a friday night? you wont be getting shit till monday at the earliest if your able to get the key posted before the 6pm deadline, and more like tuesday or wednesday if you dont.
  18. A lot of Blondes posting in this thread I reckon :)
  19. want my number sugar plum?
  20. Prisoner's purse. No one'll ever find it there.