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Do i sleep now and wake up at 3am ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. . . and watch the end of Brazil v Aust ?

    Or will it be just a fizzer, or will i miss a great event in sporting history ???


  2. sleep now
    i wish i was back on arvo shift arggg
  3. you'll be missing sporting history if you don't watch it, regardless of win, draw or lose.

    Just stay awake, go down to the servo and get some no doz, pure caffiene, take a couple and you won't even feel like sleep till tomorrow arvo.
  4. my plan actually is to get up early, watch the game at one of the live sites in the city . . . then use the shower facilities at the gym and go to work.
  5. could work also, don't forget to get a sausage and egg from maccas
  6. i'm afraid you are all wrong what you do is stay up watch the motogp coverage at 11:30pm and when that finishes watch the game its a win win situation and take a day off tomorrow. if you are unlucky enough to work

    lol my input should be taken seriously at all times
  7. night all, gotta try to sleep !!

    I think there is a big TV at Circular Quay !
    The thermal sleeping bag and riding wear I wore today should keep me warm !!!

    LOL, sleeping bag at circular quay . .. some people might throw spare change at me ! :LOL:
  8. Jeez boys ... SLEEP, either way it will be repeated god knows how many times & if by chance we do win ... ( defiantly not dreamin ) no doubt what so ever , every god damn single goal & everything else will be repeated so many times it wont be funny.

    Its just a game :roll:
  9. Since we've decided it's too cold to go to fed square I have my night planned perfectly
    8:30 - 11:00 = Footy Show
    11:30 - 2:00 = Moto GP (Whilst keeping an eye on the jap/croat game)
    2:00 - 4:00 = Australia beating Brazil :grin:

    That mixed with alcohol = Angry Neighbours :LOL:
  10. :p hehehe i know how to get a bite

    Kraven, invite the neighbours over lol
  11. I won't make any difference on the result if I'm awake or not during the game. So I will sleep and watch the news when I get up in the moring. In case there are some good parts in the game I just replay it using my dvr.
  12. lol - im gonna try and stay up to watch it. If i cant its been recored and ill just watch it at work tomorrow in the morning.
  13. i might try and wake my self up..

    once brazil gets 4-0 ill go back to sleep (end of first half)
  14. . . . sounds like something a chic would say ! :LOL:

    kidding Ed !
  15. im not going to bother to try sleep tonight, i opt for the very grumpy at work the next day look! and hope i dont fall asleep on the forklift when its moving.....
  16. You on a forklift?

    i thought you were another IT nerd ?
  17. +1

    I've got some money riding on the bikes, and I also put a fiver on Aus to win or draw (mainly because of the high odds!).
  18. You might want to wake up at 2am unless you plan on only watching the second half :p

    I tip Australia to draw 1-1
  19. it's tempting but then i will be a grumpy bastard at work. Plus im sure i can get a rip off someone