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Do I really need riding boots and gloves?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wazzr250, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Hi guys, I'm a newbie just bought a new ZZR-250 and has just got my Learners . I'm not a young rider (will not reveal my age to protect the ancient! :oops: ) and unsure what gear I will need.

    I have bought a $200 helmet, $190 dri-rider jacket (way too damn hot for summer) and that's it.

    My questions are...

    1) Do I need gloves, boots (such as Rossi) or anything else?
    2) Are there are decent jackets which offer some protection but do not
    made me sweat like a pig?
    3) What would be the best thing to carry stuff to work? I only travel 6
    kms each way.

    Any advice would be welcome!

    Wazzr250 in sleepy Adelaide

  2. yes you need gloves , they are as important as a helmet.
    summer type winter type is your choice but they are a must , as your hands will hit the road when you do , also travelling they will get cold and could cause you to have a accident.

    yes , mesh type with body armour , ask scope how much she got hers for .
    i just wear my leather one during summer with a singlet under neath.

    A rack for the back is best , and a bag.
    ventura type

    welcome to the site ,
    age makes no differance unless your as old as mick or midnight :LOL:

    anyway , getting used to the weather is the down side to rideing , but riding in the weather is the upside .

    as for wet weather gear
    postie pants are good and cheap , yakka type .for winter
  3. for sure

    gloves r a must mate,boots r also important.
    u will need to spend good $$$$$$$$$ however its very important and u never want to test the protective equipment.
  4. Riding with no gloves feels like you're walking around naked.

    Get some gloves, they will set you back $60+
    I came off wearing $170 Dianese gloves, the gloves were torn to shreds, my hands were unscated.
    Boots are important too, they can stop your leg from being crushed.
    Save some money and get some gear.

    As for wet, get a dri rider extreme jacket, best of both worlds, and for pants, buy a set of rivet over pants. Mine were excellent, never leaked once.
    Remember that just because it is marketed as "the gloves as worn my Rossi" doesnt mean that you need to spend squillions. There are clothes out there that do just as good a job for a lot less.

    Good luck with it all, ride safe.
  5. Someone here said:

    "Dress for the fall, not the ride"

    and its damn good advice. Ensure, at a minimum, you have:

    Jacket made for motorcycling
    re-inforced long pants
    boots, preferably ones that don't have laces or elastic sides.

    Your choice for leather or synthetics.

    But please, don't skimp on the safety gear. If you can't afford the gear, don't buy the bike!

    And of course, welcome aBoard!
  6. Hey Wazzr,

    Depends how much respect you have for your hands and feet I guess ..... Do you really wanna risk losing the use of them?

    Even on a 6km ride, anything could go pear shaped.

    Is a little sweaty discomfort worth the risk?

    As Vic said, you don't need to spend squillions to make sure you're safe. :)
  7. Oh, I don't know. Personally I've always thought that walking and being able to feed myself were highly over-rated.
  8. The pre learner instructor said he cringes when he sees moto riders without gloves.
    I have a question - with the boots - what kind of metal in the boots do you look for for ultimate protection. The instructor said to check out "medal boots" in Victoria but if I just want something for the local store, what should I look for. My opinion is , if they don't have a metal rigid frame bit around the ankles, they're no better than steel toe / construction boots.
  9. I always look for boots with ankle and shin protection. My Alpinestars don't have any toe protection...I think it would hinder the feel I like to have through the feet/toes with the levers.

    The ankle protection I have in mine are like two round discs embedded somehow in the ankle area of the boot....one on either side. The shin protection runs from the top of the foot to the top of the boot so it doesn't interfere with flexibility.

    When looking at boots, also consider the waterproofness of them. That decision can depend on the type of riding you do, but there are quite a few people on the board who would agree that there is nothing worse than saturated feet. Even if you are normally only a 'fair weather' rider, the weather can turn on you and make for a very uncomfortable ride!

    :D :D :D
  10. wazzr250

    You only really need to wear gloves and proper riding boots if you value your hands and feet. If you believe that they're not a necessary part of your body, then don't worry about it.

    Me. I like them. I find both my hands and feet quite useful therefore I bought gloves and boots to protect them in the event I do any bitumen surfing. So far, I have managed to avoid that type of surfing so my safety gear has not been called upon to do its job.
  11. Gloves are a definate must!!! In fact full coverage for the body is a MUST!!

    If you are tight on cash and have ancle high leather boots then they will suffice until you can afford proper motorbike boots. But you run the risk of getting the lases tangled so be careful and get your full kit as soon as possible.

    Don't forget about your legs either, get some motorbike paints, codura or leather for long rides and you can probably get away with wearing Dragin' Jeans for short trips.
  12. This might sound obvious... Make sure the gear you buy is comfortable as well.
  13. Check out the November edition of RiDE magazine, there was a survey on a motorcyclists full kit which ranked each item at how everyone would bought that item felt about it.

    If you want to check it out but can't find the mag let me know and I'll bring it to coffee next friday.
  14. just on boots when i went for my learners the instructor was very opinionated as to not wearing steel capped boots. he made the comment that hed seen people come off and when the person hit the ground and ur foot hit the toes curl up and can remove ur toes. dont know how true this advice is but i took it into account now when i put boots on. dont know if anyone has any ideas on this?
  15. That's what everyone says..... And no one has ever been able to give any examples of actual situations where its happened.... funny that.

    I wear steel capped boots, which also have a steel plate in the sole wedged between the insole and the rubber sole on the outside.

    I think the chances of that happening are extremely minimal, enough for me not to worry about it.
  16. Firstly, you need a pretty massive impact on the top of your foot to cut toes off with steel-capped boots - if you didn't have steel caps your toes would be crushed regardless. Secondly it would be a clean cut so you're more likely to be able to keep them. Thirdly, you generally hit the ground with your toes, soles and ankles. Steel caps are only going to help protect.
  17. Thankyou *curtseys*
  18. thanks for all the advice peoples... will take it on board, pardon the very lame pun :LOL:
    I actually bought some gloves, just need some help choosing the bike boots now and am buying a rack next week hopefully and using a backpack temporarily.
  19. Hey "Fixed", I heard that somewhere before. Good point.

    Umm Miss ZZr, ah your boots, are they contruction/steel cap/safety boots from the hardware store...or.. are they motorcycle boot with steel capped toes and that steel sole thing???? I want to get a pair..also how high do they come up your shin?