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Do I Really Need Help? Do You?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, May 15, 2008.

  1. Just a sample for lunchtime consideration of the spam/crap/junk that gets through our work filters. :mad:
    The "down below" stuff is enough to give a red blooded bloke a performance complex. :shock:
    Maybe some NR's need help in this area so I'm posting as a community service. :wink:

  2. I've noticed a decrease in the amount of spam i've been getting over the last few months... Was sitting at about 1200 messages a month (for one gmail account) and now it's at about 700...
  3. Wow (touch wood) I hardly get any spam in my hotmail or gmail accounts. I do get a good 100 a day on my wordpress blog... :roll:
  4. for the past few weeks, ive been getting one of those "im a poor black guy with rich dead parents in a malitia run country. gimme your bank details n we can split my 2 billion dollar trust fund that i can touch myself" emails every day or so, of different versions. getting a bit sick of it :roll:

    it's pretty sad to think any of that actually works, really :?
  5. Our Computer department publish stats which show that 84% of all email traffic here, is SPAM. :shock:

    Since July 2005, the email and virus scanning system has stopped about 52500 virus's.

    WTF are virus's about?!?!!
  6. Spam turned 30 only just the other week.
    Scary. Obviously at least some people out there are stupid enough to respond to them though.
  7. Just thank your lucky stars you aren't being offered breast enlargements as well! :shock:
  8. I'm showing my ignorance but I thought it was something to do with hackers trying to generate more paid work for themsleves by also coming up with the antivirus as well :grin:

    Either that or all hackers are believers in Chaos and Anarchy.
  9. what does your work email go through before it gets to you

    I use clamav, spamassassin and another one I can;t think off at the moment
    really drops the spam down
  10. :LOL: :LOL:
    Looks like my junkmail folder
  11. People may be surprised how well it works.
    I was at a seminar recently where Vicpol detailed that at any one time they are investigating numerous cases. Unfortunately most victims seem to be the elderly. :evil:

    You can dob these scams in as well.
    ASIC have a link on thier website I believe.
  12. Rob, the viruses are spread by the anit-virus companies (i.e. McAfee, wetc) so that you have to keep buying their products, upgrades, etc.
  13. MIME Sweeper at the server end then rules for inboxes.
  14. "Shove it in her face today"

  15. I have gmail and i can't remmeber the last time i got spam... would be a few months....
  16. Below is an indication of emails that I receive each month at work. This for about 100 email accounts. ](*,)

    Emails Rejected-------291515--------93.34%
    Emails Accepted-------20814---------6.66%
    Total emails------------312329--------100.00%

    All video attachments are blocked.
    Emails accepted include personal emails. If your getting much more than this (percentage wise) you need to consider upgrading your anti virus and anti spam software.
    If only I could get my hands on the ar%$h#$es that send this s&%t. :evil: