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Do I need to replace this helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ricethief, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. I had my first accident yesterday and scraped my helmet abit, my body took most of the impact and the damage on the helmet is just scrapes, once of the visor as i came down and then a horizontal one as i rolled on my back. Do I have to send to back to shoei for them to test it? Helmet has sentimental value but I will replace it if its not safe or it cost to much to test it.


  2. If I may answer this for you as I believe I have some expertise in the area of helmets

    The issue with the helmet is that once it takes an impact the EPS liner at the point of impact has done its job to absorb and dissipate the energy of the impact

    The EPS liner is designed to do this only once - I suggest you replace the helmet

    To "test" the helmet SHOEI will need to remove the inner EPS liner to inspect it and replace it - however I am fairly certain they will tell you the same thing I have

    It is the damage you can not see that must be considered

    If that shell has any indentation on it -- my advice is do not risk your head - buy a new helmet

    Plus having SHOEI look at the helmet after you pay all the freight costs and inspection costs etc will be nearly as much as a new helmet
  3. The helmet has done it's job.

    As far as I know there is no "testing" of helmets to know if they are
    Ok for the next crash.

    Time For a new lid.
  4. Listen to motolegion, he is our resident expert.
  5. +1

  6. Thank you gentlemen

    Stu- h said it very well - "there is no testing to see if they are ok for the next crash "- all they do is visible inspect it and I believe they would look at the outside and say -- replace - without even removing the EPS liner to check

    As an Importer this is what I would say to you if it was one of mine
  7. ...that pic suggests more than a scrape. +1 Motolegion.
  8. + eleventy for replacing it...
  9. Another vote for replacing it here.
  10. Yup time to go shopping for a new one. It did it's job..and it's a one trick pony. Think of it this way..you said want to keep it and the lid has sentimental value..now it has more because of it's battle scratches.
    Cut the straps off and take it to the pool room.
  11. If it's hit the deck with your head in it (and it obviously has), replace it.
  12. im still using my helmet from when i came off well over a year ago:-s

    Basically my visor had tonnes of scratches on it, but the helmet itself doesnt have any.

    If i had bought a $300 helmet to start off with, i probably wouldve just gone out and bought a new one. But $900 is alot for a uni student.

    Any1 wanna donate me a free brand new helmet? bwaha
  13. How much is your head worth?
  14. Yep, as most of the others have said, replace it.
  15. In my case, enough that I'll take a $2-300 lid that fits and hasn't taken a hit over a $900 one that has.

    Although, given a lack of witness marks on the helmet itself, I might be tempted but I'd always be wondering.
  16. +1
    I remember watching a video, with Jay Leno I believe, that someone on NR had posted where he talks to a big wig from one of the big name brands and the bottom line is that a helmet that hits the ground with a head in it is a plant pot.
  17. +1 for replacing the helmet.

    I replaced mine and it had less of a mark on it than your picture shows on yours.

    I reckon if you're questioning the damage and aren't sure, you're letting your sentimental attachment to the helmet drive your decision too heavily. If it hit the ground and saved your head, it's done it's job and it time for a new one.
  18. Sorry for hijacking...but do you need to replace it if the helmet has been dropped from the bike?
  19. For me that would depend on what it landed on. If it landed on nice soft grass, then no. But if it landed on concrete, and bounced, then I'd seriously consider buying a new one.

  20. The video can be seen here and I rate it highly - no nonsense no bull


    see above video

    The helmet needs a weight in it ( approx 5kg - your head ) for it to have something to cause it to compress - generally a drop from a seat will be okay

    It will get scratches on it from falling off the bike but the main thing to look for is any indentation on the shell.

    Consider this -- if a helmet needs to be replaced after it falls off the seat of a bike --- what sort of protection would it give you on your head falling off at 100kmph

    They are not made from fine bohemian crystal