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Do I need to replace my helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Hobbsie, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. I lowsided coming around a corner in the wet a few weeks ago .. was only doing 10-15 km/h.

    Fortunately there is no visible damage to bike (oggy knobs ftw) or gear. I landed on my arms/shoulder and slid a bit before coming to a stop.

    The visor on my shoei XR-1100 was scratched quite a bit, and there were very minor abrasions on the mouth vents, but there is absolutely no visible damage to the actual helmet shell. As far as I'm aware I didn't land on my face, but must have scratched it on the road a little as I slid.

    Please tell me it would be overkill to replace a $700 helmet for that? If its a safety issue I'll happily do so, but obviously don't want to if I can get away with it.

    Edit: On a side note, can you get replacement plastic for the XR-1100 vents?
  2. It's less about the shell, and more about if the compressible foam inside was, well, compressed.
    Did your head hit the ground with any force? The hard foam under the padding only compresses once and then it's done for.
    Take out all the padding and inspect it, it sounds like it's just cosmetic damage.
  3. If your helmet hit the ground with your head in it then it might be good insurance to replace it as mentioned above the compressible layer has done the job and will be less effective in any subsequent dropsie.
  4. Fair enough.

    What is the main competition to the XR-1100?

    I like the HJC FS-15 if it fits well, and its a little cheaper.
  5. x 2.

    if you have a fall when racing and your helmet touches the ground it will never be able to pass scruteneering again.
  6. Panza - the X1100 shoei does not have removable padding so it can not be inspected and even if it did the compression would be the side of the eps that is under the shell so you wouldn't visibly see it anyway
  7. depends how the vents are fitted for example are they just a snap fit in or is there a screw holding it in place where the head of the screw is between the eps liner and the shell which means you will not be able to get to it

    try one of these


    or if Brisbane or Melbourne based one of these

  8. But if he had touched the actual outher shell oit would have scratched. sounds like only the visor touched the ground, in which case I wouldn't bother replacing the helmet. and besides, he can't have hit it that hard really. He would have noticed. You know, it is on his head...
  9. In my highside two weeks ago the helmet shows gouges ( deeper than scratches ) on the chin bar and the visor.

    My high side was at a speed of 55-60 kmph

    I could swear that my head never hit the ground because I didn't feel like it hit the road - however the evidence on the helmet shows differently
  10. My Shoei XR-1100 has some pretty cool scars down the visor from my off, not a scratch on the shell tho, even the doc at the hospital went over it with a fine tooth comb and said its fine to continue using it.

    In my opinion your lid is fine to continue using, but its your head mate.
  11. The outside of the helmet might look good, but if you went face first onto the ground, the EPS liner on the forehead may have been compressed, so next time there may be less protection. In saying that, if you only fell at speeds of 10/15km/hr, most likely you just slid on your face without much actual impact.

    I rode around with my AGV helmet, which I had quite a spectacular off in at the race track. Can't use that helmet at the track again, but was using it on the road to get me by while I was waiting to get a new one. Was really risky, but I like to live on the edge :p.
  12. Hey mate,

    I noticed in another thread you mentioned you only use the ADR approval on the helmet lining instead of the sticker on the outside.

    Since the Shoei has removable lining, is there anything to stop me buying one from the US and swapping the lining over, which would obviously be a lot easier than swapping the sticker?

    Edit: actually price difference isn't that huge so I probably wouldn't bother.. but I'm still interested to know whether this the case.
  13. I use a label inside and a sticker outside the standard however does not say there has to be an outside sticker
  14. +1. I've known quite a few cases of folk swearing up and down that their head didn't touch down but their lid has shown witness marks.

    TBH, if the helmet's got witness marks from ground contact with your head in it, I'd replace it.
  15. Risk cost annalysis, it sounds like theres a small chance of compression damage to your helmet, which will give you a small chance of further injury or death in a future accident. Is that worth $700 to avoid? Really depends on how much money you have.
  16. If you haven't felt your head hit the road yet the helmet shows signs it did - then your helmet has done a brilliant job at protecting your head
  17. I had a SIMDSY last week where a car decided to turn right an intersection as I was crossing it. I hit just on the front wheel of the car, high sided onto the bonnet, slammed into the windscreen, back onto the bonnet and finally rolled around on the road for dramatic effect.

    My helmet still looks brand new, but there is no way it should be used again. As others have said, the foam is designed for one impact so why risk head injuries in the future.

    Speaking of which what's the best way to dispose of the helmet? I'd hate to think someone might just pull it out of the rubbish (as gross as that sounds).
  18. Cut the straps off, or have a crap in it.
  19. fill it with concrete add some longer wire to the straps and use it as a hammer throw
  20. Excellent suggestions gentlemen!