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Do I need lube more often if it is raining a lot?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Oldmaid, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. So poor old Wasabi and her feckless rider have had the hail and brimstone twice this week. Hope I haven't pee'd the big fella off too much lately because I am sure to also become a lightning conductor soon:angelic:.

    Anyway do you need to clean and lube the chain more often if it is raining a lot please? If yes how often pls?

    I am sure I heard a bit if a squeak out if my ? back wheel yesterday but seemed to ease up once I got Wasabi out of the garage. Don't think it was a life form :( but wonder if I had a stone somewhere.

    Lightglobe moment...about the lube and all the road shit that is probably setting like concrete on the chain...

    Comments suggestions most appreciated as always...the lone rider:troll: might make that my new moniker!
  2. That's simple, look at it. Does it look dry and caked with crap, if so clean it with some kero and lube it. If in doubt, lube it, can't hurt.
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  3. Well if.......... nah it would be to easy:wacky:
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  4. Yes indeed, and too obvious, smart decision to leave it alone :)
  5. Thanks I have them occasionally :]
  6. You were going to say JeffcoJeffco ...:whistle:

    I am an old maid -everything needs lube these days or maybe it is because things just are looked after properly to start with...:-*

    Did you go a riding last Saturday...up north perchance...:troll:
  7. Hey you've got to look after things:] and no I haven't been up north recently
  8. How would you feel if I rode you dry? Didn't think so! ;) Clean and lube every ~500km and more often in wet or dusty conditions. As to how often is more often just make it part of your weekly maintenance routine... You do have a weekly maintenance routine?
  9. I am still learning how to look after my bike and I make sure oil, chain is okay before I ride. Tyres weekly check kPa
    Re lube I had been cleaning and lubing chain ~ 500 kms.

    Whilst it might seem dumb to most I just wasn't sure about how often when wet to lube the chain ...

    I am waiting to get into a basic bike maintenance course. I don't have anyone around to help or ask -so sorry NR dudes you are it!
  10. Not dumb at all, it's only dumb if you ask the same question over and over. It's the best way to learn, keep at it.
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  11. #11 iClint, Dec 6, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
    With modern chains it isn't as critical to lube but it will extend the life of chain and sprockets, stave off corrosion and make for quieter running.

    Weekly clean and lube after washing is good practice. My routine is wheel the bike out to where I wash it, and listen for any bad noises like grinding, binding or rubbing followed by a quick visual inspection.

    Rinse the bike and house out the bugs from the radiator, then wash.

    While washing I check the rotors for damage/wear. I usually wash the bike on a stand so I check the rotation of the wheels, and that the spin freely while I clean the rims.

    Shammy the bike and check every thing that is supposed to have a nut or a bolt still has one and I just check they are tight with my fingers.

    Typically I just use a self cleaning lube, you spray it on liberally and it acts as a solvent washing the old lube and grime away then you leave it to dry and it leaves a waxy residue/ lube, I leave thorough cleans for service intervals.

    Then I start the bike and leave it to run while I check tread and tire pressure. I also check the lights and listen to the engine for any noises.

    With the bike warmed up I check the coolant and oil.

    All done, takes about 30-45mins.

    You'll find instructions for how to make all these checks and even adjustments to your bike in the owner's manual.

    It might seem overkill to some but I've never been stuck on the side of the road with anything more than a puncture and I actually enjoy doing it.
  12. Hey iClint which lube do you use.
  13. Usually Motul.
  14. Best lube ...
  15. Should you lube your chain after riding in the rain? Yes.

    Cleaning with kero, or any other solvent, depends on the chain. Some manufacturers say it's ok or even recommend it, some say don't use it. It's worth checking your bike's owner's manual or the chain manufacturer's web site.
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  16. Well I feel a bit better knowing that I have done something right- I too use Motul- chain cleaner and lube!
    Still hate feeling like I know SFA...:troll:
  17. Chain lube is waterproof so you don't need to relube it after rain, contrary to popular belief.
  18. Riding in the rain is pretty close to running a pressure washer on low. It's not that the water dissolves the lube, it just blasts it off. Check your chain before and after a wet ride and you'll see for yourself how much is just plain gone.
  19. I have checked and have not noticed a difference. I used to think that you needed to lube after rain but not any more. Also I don't think that rain is equivalent to a pressure washer on low.
  20. I'm probably exaggerating the effect with the pressure washer comment, but the water will be hitting that chain at road speed so it's not the same as a gentle spray from the garden hose, either. It's also hitting it for extended periods on a long ride. Both will remove lube from the chain. Add to that water getting pushed into the space between the rollers and bushings (no, not past the o-rings, outside of that) and displacing lube and you have a potential problem.
    For reference:
    The o-rings seal grease in between the pin and inside the bushing. They do not seal between the bushing and the roller, those are open and require lube. Riding in the rain will end up displacing the lube between them which needs to be replaced. It also blasts off the lube outside the rollers and from the sprockets.
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