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NSW Do I need full leathers?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by fingers89, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was just wonderign if i need to where a full leather suit to take my bike to the wednesday street meets, or if i can get away with my leather jacket and my draggins?

    What ya think?


  2. If its on public roads, ya only need a helmet, plus other gear if yr smart .. If its a track day (on a race track), you need full leathers ..

  3. Yeah sorry mate, i meant the wednesday night street meets at the dragway (WSID). sorry for all the confusion, but you think it would still be full leathers???
  4. I think it'd be full leathers, or at least 2piece that zips together. Who's the governing body for bikes on WSID? Cams or MA?
  5. Not sure, but id be assuming it would be ANDRA. the national drag racing governing body.

    Thanks for all the help. keep 'em coming
  6. from wsid.com.au

    relevant points

    1. All competitors must have a civil driver’s licence or an ANDRA licence as well as the current registration papers or ANDRA Log Book pertaining to the competing vehicle

    2.If the vehicle runs quicker than 11.99 seconds the driver is required to hold a current ANDRA licence. The motorcycle ET cut-off is 10.50 seconds for an ANDRA licence.

    3.Minimum personal protective equipment required for competitors:
    o Drivers – long trousers, long sleeve shirt or jacket, enclosed shoes and an approved crash helmet;
    o Motorcycle riders – long pants, motorcycle approved jacket, gloves, boots and an approved crash helmet.

    so no you don't need leathers just proper boots and a jacket (and of course helmet & gloves)

  7. Ok, an old thread I know, just have a question re leathers.
    Can track type leathers be suitable for wearing on the road? appreciate it, thought Id ask here rather than clogging up with a new thread.
  8. There's plenty that do, you see them all the time. Bit hot up here in Qld for them ....
  9. Yeah true enough I suppose. I just thought that a race standard leathers would be top of the mark. Esp price wise, but its your safety after all.
  10. Full suit would a pain for road use,just think about stopping for a meal or toilet brake.Zip together 2 piece suit is much easier to live with,usable for track days as well and then we get to wet weather use.
  11. 2 piece is the way to go. But textiles are even better for versatility.
  12. Ok, great, thanks for that, a zip together two piece was what I was thinking of but couldn't think of.
  13. One piece is OK on the road as long as you aren't in a hurry at the pit stop and you don't want to stand up straight. But two piece is probably the go. Leave enough room for some thermals under them in winter.
  14. LOL Yes the cut of them do tend to force you in to a Neanderthal pose. :)
  15. Great, thanks very much. sounds like a two piece suit is the answer then. Appreciate it!