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Do i need a new helmet?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pedro78, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Im trying to figure out how hard a hit needs to be before a new helmet is required.
    Its going to sound stupid and a bit strange but I bent down to pick up my bag and hit my head on a portion of a concrete pylon yesterday at the Clyde training centre. Its hard to explain but basically it goes down on an angle and because I was wearing my helmet I didn’t have good visibility of what was above me and miss judged it. Luckily for my head I was wearing my helmet but not so lucky for my helmet as there is now paint missing approx the size of a 5c coin. I don’t think the hit itself was really all that hard but im not 100% sure. Probably more just scraped the paint than anything.
    Would this now mean that the helmet now has a weak spot or do you need to hit the helmet a lot harder than that before you need to consider replacing it?

  2. I have had a hit like that on my helmet and am still using it.

    It's your head so your call but I think you should be right.
  3. Did it fracture the plastic shell or just scratch the paint off? You cannot see the foam can you?
  4. Just a large chunck of paint missing and a scratch in the shell but i dont think it has fractured it at all. Definately cant see the foam.
  5. Replace.
  6. get a new one as soon as you can afford it. till then dont crash.. :wink:
  7. +1

    i would suggest not crashing after replacing it aswell :wink:
  8. I wouldn't bother replacing it, unless it's been breathed on. That destroys them, especially from the inside.
  9. Bullshit!!!!!

    Ignore this advice.

    If a helmet cannot withstand a slight bump like that that takes some fancy paint off it then you should never have bought it, matter of fact, the manufacturer should be sued for even selling a helmet that fails after such a small bump.

    You will have moths and stones fired at your lid whilst riding.

    Using this advice, you would be up for a new lid after each ride.

    Now if you were running flat out and head butted a pointy concrete pillar then I would consider replacing it. Otherwise, admire the chipped paint like I do mine :)
  10. Unless anyone presents decent grounds for their speculative opinions I'd probably take a lot of this advice with a grain of salt.

    Summon your Google-Fu and try and find some respectable research on it... preferably not carried out by any helmet manufacturers!

    ...my helmet's taken a few knocks but I don't care cos my lack of cash is equaled by a lack of common sense....

  11. its sounds like more than a slight bump. i have never had a moth make a chip the size of a 5 cent piece.they must be bigger where you ride..
  12. +1

    It's not bullshit vic. Your opinions on helmet strength are well documented and that's cool. But it's not a slight bump and helmets are designed to take a whack ONCE. That's it.
  13. what if it drops off the seat of your bike?
  14. Do what ya want! If you think it needs replacing, then replace it.

    My helmet is up to 2 drops and 2 crashes, i'll get a new one someday.
  15. Taking account that I have no real knowledge on the issue, here is my totally uninformed opinion.

    I don't believe a knock like that would effect the helmets functionality. Helmets are designed for very high force impacts, and as far as I know, do not get effected (much) by low force impacts. I have crushed and cracked helmets before, and that's when I know they've done their job, they've absorbed the impact and saved my life (in at least one circumstance it was most definitely my life it saved). If the helmet is still solid and everything other than the paint is in tact, I'd run it.

    again: I don't know what I'm talking about and so my opinion should probably be disregarded.

    You could always send pics to the helmet manufacturer and ask them.
  16. WTF???? :rofl: Dude, why bother then?
  17. Heres a pic of the helmet. I personally dont think it looks like much other than missing paint but it did make a pretty loud bang at the time so thought it was best to ask the question.

  18. .its your head mate,i wouldnt put mine in it though
    as dougz said they are only designed for 1 hit..get a new one and be careful with it..
  19. Pretty sure they will tell you to buy a new one immediately. :LOL: