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Do I need a fork brace?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by typhoon, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. O.K, when I go over bumps mid corner, I get a slight shimmy in teh front wheel that lasts for about a second until it dies down. Only on reasonably large bumps. It only does this in turns, bumps when going straight ahead do not show any problems, no excess bounce due to lack of fork oil etc.
    Wheel bearings and steering head bearings are new and properly adjusted. Tyres are 42 rear, 40 front.
    It's just really disconcerting, especially when the road is wet! The GTR is a pretty heavy bike, and has a fairly sporty sort of front fork, not too much rake etc.

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. I've got a steering damper on my bike but it does the same thing on reasonably large bumps, train tracks and rocks.
    I tend to use torque to get myself out of things like that.
  3. Andrew, as perverse as it sounds, I'd be looking at the damping and spring pre-load at the REAR of the bike as a possible source.... At any speed the two wheels traverse the same piece of road very quickly, and often instability at the rear can manifest itself as a head-shake at the front.....
  4. I dunno if I'd call it a headshake really, it's just a fairly light wiggle, doesn't feel that it would progress into anything more than that.
    I have the rear of the bike set up pretty firm (air shock) and have damping on the rear at it's firmest setting.
    Maybe I need someone else to ride this thing and let me know!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Andrew

    My laverda Jota does that all the time

    I have fork braced it

    I have Braced swingarm McIntosh fashion

    I run Konis set at 3

    The trouble is the swing arm mounting to the frame it was never boxed ex factory

    The next rebuild will fix this annoying wiggle for good

    in your case i would check the swing arm preload or the rear rear wheel bearings in the case of my cx 500 it was a combination of shagged shocks wheel bearings and the thrust bearings loose in the swingarm mountings

    Runs on the preverbale rails now

    Good Luck was after one myself recently
  6. I went for a nice ride today, on some goat tracks( i didn't expect them to be goat tracks!). I am now leaning towards this being a fork damping problem, the front seems to skip over small, high frequency bumps.
    I think I'll change front fork oil and see what happens. Knowing this bike, it probably hasn't been done since new (80k kms!).
    As an aside, I learnt a lot about myself and teh bike today.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Gidday typhoon,

    Just fitted a hyperpro steering damper a couple of weeks ago to my GSX1400.
    The front on my bike felt ok, but on high speed corners, sometimes the arse end would be a little too shakey..... :eek:
    I must say though- I have dropped the yokes down on the fork tubes to make her steer a bit quicker & fitted "ace" type drop bars as well.
    The damper works really well- I have it loose for around town riding & crank it up for blasting through the twisties- hey presto no shaky arse end anymore. :grin: