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Do I need a cover to store bike outside?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tylluan, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. My bike lives outside with no cover; free like the forest wolf

    1 vote(s)
  2. My bike lives outside huddled under a cover; like a British camping holiday

    13 vote(s)
  3. My bike lives in a garage

    18 vote(s)
  4. My bike lives in a garage AND under a cover

    6 vote(s)
  1. Hi there!

    I have a new CB400 ABS. I live in the rat-runs and laneways of inner west Sydney where there aren't a lot of garages around, so my bike has to live on the street :( I have a cover for the bike and I hate the damned thing. It gets soggy and heavy and it's a pain to put on and take off - it adds friction to every ride.

    My question is: do I really need a cover? I see a ton of bikes just left out in the rain, and I feel kinda bad for those poor bikes but I'm left thinking, "That sure would be convenient..."

    I don't mind paying a little more in maintenance, but I don't want to do anything to catastrophically ruin my bike. I'm interested to hear your thoughts!
  2. Good Choice in bike if I do say so myself.(y)

    I couldnt stand to see my bike left outside, I would have to have it covered.

    I would also think it MAY make it that little bit less desirable to thieves.
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  3. Overnight my bikes lives under a cover of some sort, if it rains during the day at work it can tough it out.

    The more I can prevent water soaking in everywhere the better, I've inspected bikes that have been stored outside and rust/UV attacks everything from brake-lines, cables, metals and electrical connectors before you even look at the paintwork. These are the bikes you just walk away from.

    If you leave it visible on the street I'd make sure you have bloody good theft insurance, ground anchors and alarmed disk-locks at the minimum. Even sticking up a dummy cctv camera pointing at it would be a good idea.
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  4. My son's bike lived outside, rain, hail or shine with no cover. On the front lawn and never pinched - probably bc it's a hyo, lol!

    However, it DID ruin the vinyl.
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  5. Depends how much you like your bike and whether you want to keep its resale value up.
  6. Sunshine will kill the vinyl quickly. Otherwise it is mainly dirt from trees and rain that will cause it to age. Regular washing will help.
  7. I got one of the "SCA Motorcycle Cover - Ultra" jobs from supercheap for when my bike is outside for more than a day.

    It's light enough to be easy to handle, but sturdy enough to survive some pretty strong winds etc.

    No complaints with it so far. You just need to remember to wait for the exhaust to cool for a bit before doing up the belly strap... melted mine about a week after I got it. The elastic holds just fine without the strap though.
  8. I should clarify my vote. From 0800 to 1700 Monday to Friday my bike is parked out in the open. From 1730 to 0730 it's in a garage. That is of course unless I've gone for an overnight ride then it'll depend on what's available.
  9. That's probably fairly common for those of us that commute on the bike. Mine is the same.
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  10. Thanks everyone! So I guess I should keep using a cover then :(

    Does anyone have any opinions on soft lining but heavy vs super light covers? I had some crappy 'Oxford' brand light cover that didn't piss me off too much (just a little) but in under a year it was a shredded mess. I bought a new cover that was thicker and heavier and it's really pissing me off because it's hard to put on and take off and won't fit under my seat.

    Is there like... some really expensive but really convenient cover that I can buy? Super lightweight, packs down tiny, hyperdurable, has some kind of magic self-locking belly strap?
  11. If you do use a cover be sure that it is properly secured and your bike is clean. Nothing will scratch your bike quite like a loose cover over dirt and dust. Also, you need to be careful if it's exposed to high winds I have heard of the covers acting like sails and causing the bike to fall over.
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  12. The superlight covers are cheap, light, don't get soggy and are easy to put on however they will degrade after a few months/year. For $30 its all I use.
    Only real con is that *when* you forget to let your bike cool or if it touches the exhaust it will melt, catch fire or smell really bad....talking from experience :-O

    Both will offer similar levels of protection, all you want is to keep the rain and dew off. Try go get something vented to stop it becoming humid under it which can also cause damage.
  13. Covers seem to be an attractant for cats /dogs/possums to piss or spray on ( or snakes to hide under in QLD anyway)

    That musky smell when removing a wet cover gets on all your gear that touches it and is a total arse to remove

    nothing quite like the smell of odor de piss