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Do I just have to suck it up??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Stubbsy, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Ok guys, I've got a question. Some may find it annoying, but I'm trying to be honest.

    I don't have much riding experience. I've recently got my licence and I'm trying to decide what bike to get.

    I want to do everything with it. Take it off-road, a little bit of adventure-touring, and in all liklihood a lot of street commuting.

    What I really want is a F650GS Dakar. The reasons for this are that I think I will be doing a lot of on road riding, and my off raod riding (I believe) will be mostly dirt roads/fire trails as opposed to hard core dirt biking.

    I've researched the F650 and I'm happy with what I've found. Money isn't an issue either as I put off my dreams of riding for a long time!

    I want to be a good rider, and I'm prepared to put the effort in to become one.

    Basically my question is this: Do I have to/Should I suck it up and get a smaller and cheaper bike to start with and learn on?

    I read something on a forum which went something like this "Mates don't let mates get a new bike as their first bike." I don't have any mates that ride, so I guess I'm flying blind a little with what to expect.

    This will be the first bike that I have owned. Should I suck it up and get a cheap bike to start with? Will I wreck the Dakar somehow while I'm learning what to do?

    Thanks for all your help and time, I know it was a long post.
  2. i don't think anyone's opinion is going to throw you in a single direction, you just have to make up your own mind, are you happy breaking the law, risking fines and not having insurance etc, is there a real rush to get your dream bike first off?

    the dakar will go alright but at least it's not an R1.

    re. "Mates don't let mates get a new bike as their first bike." ...well that's just a ghey saying :p
  3. Read this thread to see the opinions of experienced riders on the pros and cons of a new bike straight up.

    But my opinion is get whatever you feel comfortable with. I do advise getting a crappy bike to start off with, but that does not mean you have to comprimise.

    Have you considered getting an off road bike and putting street tires on it as a cheap interim for what you want?

    I learnt on a KLX250 which is an off road single, supposedly enduro but its fuel tank has other ideas. I found that good for both, it was fine on the road. Just not as quick as proper road bike. I paid $2500 for it. It will take any punishment, i didn't see it as much of a comprimise given that i was restricted to a 250 at the time.

    But if you want that bike and money is no option, go for it. Have you considered an older gs?

    My 2c
  4. Why don't you ask where he lives before preaching? He's probably done his homework and is in NSW or another LAMs state, he did mention it's been something he put on hold for a while.

    CMPie, if you got no bike experience at all my advice is get a cheap trail bike you can learn on somewhere or do some HART training or similar before you buy a bike worth a substantial amount.
  5. my post was about as far from preaching as you can get, it just ran over questions he would have to ask himself. i assumed he wasn't on lams as he said 'should i suck it up and get a smaller bike' which pointed to being restricted.
  6. Well, he's produced a well constructed post and seems intelligent, mentions he's done researching into the model.
    So we should give him the benefit of the doubt at this stage that he's legally allowed to ride the bike.
    Peace. :cool:
  7. no dramas.. not like that shit head matt, he's a mennace to society on his 9 :p
  8. I think that since you really seem to want a Dakar, you should get a Dakar - provided you're not restricted by the regulations.

    There are two reasons people recommend crappier bikes to begin with - the performance of brand new powerful machines, and the risk of dropping them. The Dakar is not *that* intimidating - with a bit of care you should be OK. As for the risk of damage, I just spent some time looking at the pictures of various bikes on advrider (including the Dakars) and one thing I noticed people often fit crash bars on their machines, which protect the body in case of a casual drop. It might be a good option for you to investigate; crash bars like these will go a long way towards protecting your baby and while they would look a bit silly on other bikes, on the Dakar they seem right at home.
  9. If you have the money, if it's legal to ride it, go for it. The Dakar is probably the right bike for the riding you will be doing (maybe also look at a Vstrom).

    The advice regarding buying cheap or secondhand is generally directed at new, young riders and restricted to 250's. This group statistically more likely to drop a bike and less likely to have a lot of funds behind them to begin with.
  10. he did state that he was new to riding... recently got a licence.. which one are we talking about here? learner or full licence?

    money saved ready to go?? so point is.. for learner 250 is all you can get or if full get whatever get the crash bars go for it :twisted:

  11. Mark (CMPie),

    Assumption : You're in a LAMS state.

    Go for it. The F650GS is LAMS approved, so obviously someone out there thinks it's appropriate for a learner. Don't necessarily buy it brand spankers though, just checked and there is at least one second hand one on bike point.

    I would also recommend you go and look at the Cagiva Canyon 500 or 600, they're also LAMS approved, and then you wouldn't have the stigma of being a BMW rider...

    It would be easier if knew a it more about you, how old are you, what state are you in, do you have a drivers licence as well, what colour are your eyes, do you have a sister etc etc.

  12. Get a shitter. Wreck it and fix it with pride, learn to love it, and THEN decide if you want a new beemer.
  13. Get a KTM LC4, much nicer to ride off road than the BMWs. The ergos on the BMWs offroad are just plain awful. It's like trying to drive a semi truck along a footpath. Go for a second hand model, a year or two old and save big bucks. If looked after those single cylinder thumpers last forever.
  14. I love the F650 dakar and would buy one today if I could, damn restrictions.

    I like you have come late to the scene and have been riding for about 10 weeks or so. 10 weeks ago I had no idea what kind of bike I would really need, I thought a CBR600 would be ace! Now I realise that a F650 or a naked bike are my best bets.

    So if you are 100% sure that the Dakar is the go, BUY IT!

    Have fun :grin:
  15. I don't see a problem of getting a good bike first up. Just treat it with respect and realise that you know nothing about riding and have a steep learning curve too go thru. :)

    I nearly got the F650CS as my first bike but money constraints forced a change of plans, same reason I didn't go the VStrom :(
  16. everytime I read this post on the top 15 posts

    cracks me up!!! :-s

    suck it up!
  17. Thanks

    Thanks people.

    I am in the ACT, so the bike is learner legal. No problems there.

    Appreciate all the advice, time and effort.