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do i have any rites?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joël, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. hey,

    i bought a vtr250 last weak from a private sale. On the test ride i did notice a slight pulsing from the front disk, but the seller didnt tell me anything was wrong and because he was an older dude who is an aircraft technician, i trusted him and *stupidly* bought the bike.

    Riding it around after i bought it i could clearly notice the pulsing from the front when braking. Last friday i droped the bike in the school carpark and i think it was due to the warped disk and slightly slipery road. Because i think what hapend, cant remember properly, but i started braking to slow doun for a turn, and i was braking slightly hard, then sudenly i was on the ground next to the bike. while this could just be rider inexperiance i wast braking that hard, so i think whithout the warpage i would have been alright.

    Now the bike has scraches on the RHS, but nothing major. 2nd stupid thing i have realised that i dont need a bike and cannot afford it, so i want to sell it. now i understand that i did drop the bike and the price will have to be dropped, but i dont want to have to lie to someone about the front disk to sell it, so i am afraid i will lose a huge amount of money.

    i want to call the guy i bought the bike of and see if he will pay to get the disk fixed/replaced, because he seemed decent.

    but if he dosent want to fix it would i have any rites to get a refund on the payment because he didnt tell me about the disk?

    am i going about this the correct way? i figured calling him wount hurt, and he may pay. so any coments on my rites as a buyer?

    any help would be much apreciated.

    p.s. i havent had the disk cheacked profesionaly, but the pulsing is rather severe so i dont think it would be anything else.
  2. if he's a good guy he might do something but i dought it :(

    Did you mention the 'pulsing' to him after your test ride ?

    Either way i recon your just going to have to put this down as a life lesson,

    Hang on just thought , did you get a road worthy with the sale ?
    if so i'd def go and get a professional to look at it for you, and see if if the warped disk did attribute to your drop ? then you may have some comeback at the person that issued the RWC ??????
  3. Yeah its a case of buyer beware with private sales but Bob has a point. I'd follow up the roadworthy
  4. no... :cry:

    yeh i did, so do you think i could get them to replace it? that sounds kind of tight, cause all the realy cheak are the light + tires, they dont go fro a test ride. :cry:

    i will call the guy tomorow probably, and see what he says. if he says no i'll try to sell it and hope the buyer will do like me and not notice :cry:
    if they all do then i will probably just sit and cry :cry:
  5. couldn't you just get the disc machined, then you can ride or sell comfortably knowing that you are not fcuking anyone over
  6. yeh i was thinking that but on a nother forum they said that it is rare to be able to machine the discks because they are so thin unlike cars. I put a post here too but noone said anything.
  7. mate, discs are one of the things they HAVE to be very pedantic with. once the disc is stuffed, whats between you and the black stuff?

    how long has it been since you bought it, or more imprtantly, is the roadworthy cert still current? if not, i'd say you dont have a leg to stand on cos the roady is expired and they can just say the damage happened after. mind you, they COULD say that even if the roady is still current but you have a bit more leverage i think. anywhich way is a bit dicey i think but you best bet is definately to chase up the ppls that did the roady, the bloke that sold it to youmight have thought the problem was normal and he's under no obligation to help you out.

    also, it might not be the disc, have it checked out as soon as you can. could be headstem bearings, wheel bearings, forks, alignment etc. theres a bunch of things that can cause shuddering or wobbling.....

    and machining discs is ok, but only if there is enuff meat left on them to be legal. apparently you can also get them straightened but i dont know where from. give the guys at vic motorcycle wreckers a buzz, i've just been through a disc saga with them and they've been real helpful :D
  8. i got it last weak, and yeh the roadworthy is still current, but i dont want to be getting in to a legal battle with anyone :cry: A new disk would cost a cuple of hundred wouldnt it? less if i can get it machined, so i doubt it would be worth going through the trouble
  9. You have bugger all chance and the hassle of getting the people who did the roadworthy to cough up are bugger all and then even less.
    Learn your lesson and move on.
    Why do you want to sell the bike?
    Fix the disk, dont worry about the scratches and ride the thing.
    BTW it's RIGHTS.
    last week,
    I could go on but I think you have suffered enough
  10. they go to canberra?
  11. yeh lol.

    but i would highly recomend this to any neewbys out there dont worry about the price of the inspection just get it done, whish i had...
  12. In Victoria you have an excellent chance of getting action on faulty road worthy tests with Vic Roads.

    But you have to be prepared to wait a while.

    Not sure what the situation is interstate though.
  13. The guys only operate in and around Melbourne but like Joel said its worth the money.
  14. The guy that sold it to you has no obligation to fix it.

    Firstly, I'd get an independant expert to diagnose what the problem actually is.

    Then, I'd be going to see the place that issued the roadworthy certificate. If they have RWC'd something that is not roadworthy they are obliged to make it right, or they risk losing their roadworthy testing license.

    If they refuse to cooperate, get in contact with the ACT's equivalent to VicRoads and tell them you've bought a motorcycle with a RWC that is not roadworthy, and you need their help pursuing the Roadworthy Tester.

    It's the tester's responsibility to ensure that something they pass as roadworthy actually is, and they should be thorough enough to ensure that that is the case.

    A roadworthy certificate covers more than just tires and lights ;)

    Good luck.

  15. I think you may be pushing $hit up hill, they can now say the problem is a result of the accident.

    Good luck, but some advice 'think before you buy'
  16. if the issue with the roadworthy is wear that only time and kays can produce, then you can normally do something about it. if theres no way that the kays put on the bike since the roady could have possibly put it over the edge, then you have something (ie. if the discs are undersized) warpage of the disc tho, is something that can happen overnight so you wont be able to play that one if thats the only problem with the bike.

    dont forget that their licence to do roadies is at stake and there is no way they'll let something minor like that jeopordise it. you do have the upper hand if you find that the disc is undersized :wink:

    and yeah, it'll cost around $200 to $400 for another disc depending on where you get it and if you can get one second had. and dont let this put you off riding, for gods sake get your moneys worth out of the experience and keep going for a few months at least. its the most fun you can have with your clothes on :D