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Do I have a target painted on the front of my bike?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by middo, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. My ride to work, 40kms from countryside into Geraldton, is usually relaxing and a little boring. But today! Riding on a major country road, I see a road train heading towards the road on a side street. And guess what, he pulls out in front of me. I had to come to a complete stop and missed the side of the road train by about 5 metres. When I beeped the horn at him, he shrugged his shoulders!

    Then, 10 minutes later in the outskirts of Gero, a car does almost exactly the same thing. I checked my headlight when I got to work - all works fine. So much for the relaxing ride!

  2. Mate, I am glad to be reading about your encounter on here then watching a tv report or reading about you on the media somewhere.
    We all have 'those days' unfortunately! but nice to hear youre ok.
  3. Yes, we all do.
  4. Thanks goddie and bluezx14. I guess having such an 'easy' ride nearly every day makes me a bit complacent. It was probably a good wake up for me.
  5. i had one today on the pushie, literally 6 or 7 people just turned in front of me. I'm well and truly used to it, but it was particularly bad today.

    I just shake my head and sigh and carry on, like the beast of burden i am.
  6. Spoken like a genius......good on you for seeing it now (y)
  7. I'm thinking painting a target on the front of my bike might actually help people SEE me... =\
  8. They'll never see us.......insert SMIDSY's here <______________>
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    Mate good to hear another country west aussie live north of gero myself. Drivers our here have had me shake my head a few times. Least it was no combi van. Ten kays worth of double lines behind this body van. Guys were so stoned they were doing 20km. Stuck behind the assholes for half an hour waiting for the opportunity to pass!!!!
  10. Sorry to hear of your encounters. Bikes don't have targets on them... Bikes ARE the targets! :cheeky:
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  11. No we do not have targets painted on the bike our ourselves because the infers that they can actually see us.

    We are in fact invisible.
  12. Had some idiot coming backwards in the dark tonight at me. Couldn't believe it, slowed down nice an early, but the guy wouldn't stop. Had to swerve around him at the end. When I looked back, he was still heading backwards.
  13. Refer to my post above....
  14. You're spot on b12mick, in some cases. There's quite a few drivers out there which aren't too bad. But then you get the crazy ones.:angel: