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Do I "give it to her"?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AF2AF3, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. After about 20 years of not riding, I convinced my wife to take my bike out yesterday, for about 10 minutes, around the local shopping centre car park.
    Today, another 10 minute ride around some local streets.

    "If I let you have my bike, would you ride it" I asked.

    "Yes" she says, "what will you ride?"

    Do I give it to her? What do I replace it with?

    Something around 600cc, sports or sports commuter with fairings
    - 600F, ER6f, ZZR600................

    Well, Do I give it to her????
  2. No Brainer you fool....
    Jeez I wish I could get the wife onto a bike of her own.

    Extra bonus... you get to buy another one :LOL:
  3. You get a newwww bike
    You get a newwww one

    (does the "I get a new bike" dance)
  4. Listen to Loz and JJ, they are wise men who would never lead you astray... (well, only a little bit....)

    OF COURSE, opportunities like this don't come any more than once a lifetime...

    Even Shakespeare agrees with JJ and Loz:

    There is a tide in the affairs of men
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

    PS Dwight Yoakam in his sig; this man is on a ROLL :LOL:
  5. I'm not going to read the question. I'm just going to say "yes." :cool:
  6. Ah beware...we women are not as silly as you may think.

    To the untrained man it may look like his wife is giving him the opportunity to spend some of his hard earned money on a new bike for himself.

    Alas......he has been tricked again....little does he know that his rather intelligent wife is looking forward to taking the new machine for a spin herself :LOL:
  7. Does the current bike suit you/her?

    Would a different bike be better for you/her?

    Would two different bikes be better for you/her?
  8. What she look like? I might offer to give it to her :LOL: :LOL:

    nah really, I am joking :grin:
  9. How much is she paying for the new bike.........?
    Is she getting it freeeeeeeeee !!!!

    give her a good bargain price, girls love a bargain.
    Then you get some money for new bike.
  10. Every chance you get, you never know which one will be your last.
  11. Love it hehehe :cool:
  12. Ok seeing shes your wife id say give it to her, yet also let her know she has to work hard for you to keep it for her, like endless riding trips with yourself and proving she really does wanna ride and its not a little fad.. this comment coming from a girl i do know how some ladies can act...
    Having a partner ride is the best fun ever, just let her know your buying a new bike and see what she thinks...
    What sort of bike is she riding now?
    Depending what sorta riding you want to be doing yourself id say a good one would be a ZX6r, cbr 600f or even a YZF 600r, thats what i got and i cant get enough of it! Was the wife excited when u said she could have the bike? if so the answer lays there weather to give it to her or not...
  13. give it to her, but just make sure your new bike is atleast twice as powerful and looks twice as good.
    and make sure she doesn't 'learn the ropes' too fast and start flogging you around the twistys on your way to a picnic. lol
  14. Give it to her and give it quick..... Hang on .... what are we talking about again?
  15. My partner is going thru similar, going from 4 years of pillion to getting her own bike in a few months - it's exciting watching someone who wasn't sure if she could ride (balance problems) discovering that not only they can, they have a bit of flair about it as well!
  16. Muhaaahaaahaaaa :twisted: :twisted: u silly men!! there's always some sinister motive lurking just underneath our everso angelic fluttering eyelashes as we say "Oh my gosh! I can really have ur handmedown when u get urself a new bike!!!!" So my advise is- Sure u get that new bike hunny but be prepared cause surely there must be some evening out of new things eventually

    ur new bike = pearls, diamonds, more pearls .......

    See what poor Vani has to deal with :wink:
  17. Give it to her and she may give it to you alittle more often.
  18. I've told the hubby that he can update the R6.....but only if I update to the ER6 and he's agreed, :woot:

    The downer is that we will get next years models, so have to wait a bit (something which I am not good at doing :tantrum: ).
  19. dude, i mentioned it to my other half and when she showed a SMIDGE of interest, i pushed it like nothing else :p :p

    from now on you get to talk bikes and smell like petrol and go on rides and NOT get funny looks :grin: no more justifying extras for your bike unless you cant afford the equivalent for her and no more getting told off for spending hours out in the garage doing maintenance.... bike ladies ROCK :twisted:
  20. yep give it to her and get yourself a shiny new one