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Do I get another VFR or ....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pepito, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. My current bike ('96 VFR750) has been the best damn bike I've owned.

    For me it has a near perfect riding position, I love the power delivery of the V4, how the bike handles (90% of my riding is commuting) the sound of the exhaust and gear driven cams is great and to my eyes its a good looking bike.

    But I've had it eight years and for a while now I've been thinking its time for something different, maybe a bit newer.

    The problem is that there's such a choice of good bikes out there its damn confusing.

    So considering the VFR suits me so well, what other bikes do people reckon I should be looking at?

    Or do I take the easy way out and just get another VFR? :LOL:
  2. Question answered :angel:
  3. they're more loyal than the drover's dog, aren't they :LOL:?????

    (and the bikes are good too!)
  4. Yep, for a minute there I had to double checked I'd posted on Netrider and not OzVFR :LOL:

    That they are :)
  5. As tempting as it can be to stick with what you know, I reckon one of the greatest things about bikes is that they're affordable enough that you never need to holiday in the same place twice with your 2-wheeled purchases.

    When you're old and grey, you don't want to look back at your biking history and go: 'Well first there was the VFR (that was a great bike!), then after that was the VFR, and after that one of my all time favourites... the VFR!'

    I say spice things up a little and try something new!
  6. Absolutely agree, but what? :)
  7. What about the latest model Viffer, or Trumpy sprint ST, or Trumpy tiger 1050, Kawi ZX14, GSXR1400, hayabusa?
    You're spoilt for choice really... Get to your dealer and start test riding!
  8. Sir would like to buy a honda...

    Would sir like a complimentry beige cardigan with his purchase????
  9. Personally i wouldnt upgrade from a 96 vfr to a new vfr800 as they are relatively similar, you could argue thaat your current one is better. What are you going to get for the extra money that you outlay?

    Personally I would go for something completely different if i was going to make the change, you can always sell it and get another vtr if you dont like it.
  10. Since 90% of your riding is commuting, a scooter. :p

  11. Yep, I'm coming around to this way of thinking :)

    I like how you think :)

    Don't laugh, I enjoy riding scooters and if the Govt let you share rego and insurance and I'd have one in the garage right now, next to my VFR ;)

    Nothing in mind really.

    Ok, have started investigating the Triumph Sprint ST and sounding promising:

    From some of the reviews I've read my only issue with it might be the Sprint ST isnt supposed to be as comfortable as the VFR, especially two up., hmm.
  12. I'm loathe to admit it, but I'm with you on that one!
  13. Bmw k1300gt

  14. You know that links to a write up on the previous gen Sprint ST right?
  15. No thanks I just had breakfast.

    ah, the bike. :)

    Dunno. The last Honda Blackbird I rode the riding position was too extreme for me. I felt I was laying down over the tank.

    Funny. Even though I now drive a German car (Golf) and love it, I've never considered even trying a BMW bike, hmmm

    Hmmm, no I didn't. Will have to go back and see what differences in the current model.
  16. You drive a Golf and openly ride scooters...:eek:hno:

    Are you sure the current VFR isn't too much for you!? I hear mobility scooters have some fantastic models available of late :D
  17. Moto Guzzi 1200 sport
    Uniqueness, build quality(for an Italian) And will beat most scooters.