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Do I dare re-ignite the PhotoShop debate?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 6, 2006.

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  3. real

    christian pfeiffer
    versatile motorcycle gun
    coming to brisbane for a show in november

    i will not miss it
  4. Where's that one of the bloke pulling a stoppie and kissing that incredibly hot chick with a sunset behind them?

    ...The one with the best arse in the world, you know it...

    Damn, I can't find it! Curse my googly incompetence!
  5. Aww, c'mon Dave, it's a different picture :p

    But, yeah, I'm bored; the wimmin are in the kitchen organising a wedding and I'm staying out of the way :LOL:
  6. Yay! Here it is! So much for the sunset....

    And here's an interesting one, how would you do this?
  7. Ten points to this bloke!
  8. Jeeeeeez:
  9. Now THAT'S road-tesing a Buell :LOL:
  10. [img:500:378:630e44090c]http://www.uponone.com/pictures/716351149834009.jpg[/img:630e44090c]
  11. One finger!?!?!

    Go copper!

    And HERE's a photochop for ya:
  12. On the way to disaster? Or not?

    This bloke's pulling one with no engine! Musta rolled down a hill or something... Doesn't look shopped:
  13. ....Aaaaaaand a world of pain, coming right up...
  14. Last couple: