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Do Drivers give you S**T, when u lane split?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Yes they do.

  2. Yes they do, and they try to stop me by blocking clear passage.

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  3. No they don't.

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  4. No, they move out of the way for me.

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  5. I reckon they'd do the same thing if they had a bike.

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  1. My theory is..... a cars got advantages and disadvantages.

    *4 wheels
    just to name and few

    As for a bike an advantage is it's size and hey! why not use it!

    But do you find that as your goin past a car, you sense the drivers are just a little aggravated (that they have been waiting ages and why shouldn't bike riders)?
  2. I'd have to disagree on the comfort part, i find cars really uncomfortable.
    I've never had shit from anyone while lanesplitting for the reason im not around long enough to hear it?
  3. Never had any one give me shit when splitting, some do actually move out of the way which is cool.

    Maybe I's because I'm 6'4 and look even bigger on my 250! :LOL:
  4. Some people seem to get angry at this, some move out of my way (which I will acknowledge thanks if possible), most seem to do nothing. The other night, coming home from a friends place in Northcote, I came into unexpected HUUUGE traffic blockage in hoddle street around 11PM or so? Seemed the footy had finished and the rush of people heading home made hoddle street virtually a bumper to bumper standstill for cars. Had a car yell out to me (as I was less than 60 seconds literally riding from my front door) "WAIT YOUR TURN!!!" as I legally lane split past them (they were in another lane but yelled out so I could hear).

    Hmm, imagine if all bikes were "waiting their turn" in traffic like this. The car drivers would be delayed another 5-30 minutes to their destination most likely due to the extra traffic. Anyway I saved about 30-60 minutes I reckon from being on a the bike going down hoddle street sometime around 10:30-11PM I think. Have had on a VERY LOW percentage cars move to actually block you from getting past them, talk about jealousy hehe :LOL:
  5. hahahahaa :LOL:

    Comfort as in airconditioning, protection from rain and heat, music etc.
  6. Never copped any real flak from anyone.

    Had people move further over in their lanes but I think that it is more out of concern for their paintwork rather than consideration for me.
  7. I kind of agree. I just can't get comfortable when driving. But feel at home on a bike. But in rain and cold that car has its ups :grin:
  8. I havent got any flak as yet because i havent lane split yet...
    Hobart peak hour is like normal traffic for any other city so i usually get lucky with the slip lane at all the lights and such
  9. Plenty of drivers get upset - I've even listened to relatives and friends complain about "them damn bikes going up between cars". None have a valid reason for being angry about it: it's usually just jealousy.

    Occasionally I'll get a twat who'll try to block my way, but it's fairly rare. Often you can see they're going to try before they do, so it's not hard to go around the other side. Now that DOES piss them off. :p :LOL:
  10. I went around a young guy in a van with his mates and he called out to me - so I pushed the bike back and flipped up the visor, the conversation went like this...

    D'head: "Oi!"

    Sexy Ktulu: [moves bike back] "Excuse me?"

    D'head: "What was that?"

    Sexy Ktulu: "I have a bike."

    D'head: "Get back there." [gestures to the rear of the van]

    Sexy Laughing Ktulu: "Haha, no chance mate!"

    FZR: *8000rpm*

    That's the only time I've ever had anyone express displeasure at my splitting.
  11. I remember once i got to the start of the traffic lights and they turned green for like 2 secs and i wasn't in gear and the guy Beeped his horn.

    Another time was when i went pass someone the guy beeped his horn and when we were stopping to approach a red light me and him were giving eachother stare downs . But I restrained from giving him "the bird".
  12. ive had a few twats beep there horn at me, gotta love it when they try to "wait there turn" by changing lanes....as if it makes a difference. :LOL:
  13. Fair call I'd say on that one. If you split, you need to be ready to be first off (traffic permitting of course). Don't split and then hold up traffic. A few scooters in the city do that, and really annoys me! If I split to the front and another rider - scooter or otherwise was there ahead of me I tend to let them go first. Most scooters can still take off faster than cars...
  14. Exactly. If you are going to split and filter then make sure you stay ahead of the traffic...not hold them up.
    You are faster off the mark, more nimble and agile and generally look much better than Doris in her Failrlane. Take advantage of that.
  15. I've never had anyone yell at me or anything, but the only times I've had problems is when I'm NOT in the pink jacket :grin: Guess Canberra drivers don't mind a girl splitting :LOL: :cool:
  16. When I hit the front of the queue, I don't look back, so I wouldn't know if they are pi$$ed off or not.
    Ignorance is bliss... That's why John Howard is such a happy person.
  17. I havent had any trouble yet although ive only just started splitting. I keep it in gear once im up the front so i can get away quickly.
    No one has moved out of my way or in my way so i guess im happy with that.
  18. In the short time I have been splitting, I have had a couple of cars move over so I cant get through, but traffic moves soon enough and I can get past. Although I have had a girl move over because she was too busy on her mobile and putting in a CD at the same time :shock:
  19. Don't usually hang around long enough to take any notice.
    Had the occasional driver pull across to block as most would have. I just go around the other side.
    Can happily say I've had more people give way than try to block.
    Vtwin + blipped throttle helps too.
  20. Never had anyone dare to say anything to me...and ocassionally get people move across a little so that I can filter through...

    Most people seem to understand that filtering is fair and reasonable as long as you are'nt riding like a knobhead, and show a little respect.
    If you barge through aggressively, like you are trying to intimidate people with your actions, you'll rub people up the wrong way.

    I'm waiting for the day someone DOES say something though. Then I'll go back seriously, and ask them what they said...I have zero tolerance for snide sideways remarks.

    A filtering bike has NO affect on traffic, so they should not be saying anything, provided I have shown some courtesy and respect in my riding.